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Written by  :  Evil-Jim (175)
Written on  :  Jul 19, 2001
Rating  :  2.43 Stars2.43 Stars2.43 Stars2.43 Stars2.43 Stars

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Another "realistic" First Person Shooter

The Good

The most interesting part of this game is the driveable vehicles, a rather rare feature in the bloated FPS market, as is the inclusion of larger numbers of AI team mates. The addition of additional playable characters helped break up the monotony of being a grunt with tank, flying and black ops missions. There is a healthy selection of Soviet and American weapons but it would have been nice to see some other NATO nations feature or at least get mentioned in the game.

The Bad

The in game voice commands are terrible, the tone of the voice sample can change with every world, also the time it takes to complete a sentance then play the next is a little exaggerated, actions are not performed until the sentance is finished and then there is a slight pause before the next command is broadcast. The physics engine is also a little suspect, objects can literaly take off with a well placed explosive and vehicles will sometimes continue to move for ever (even up hills) after an explosion or just a simple collision, tanks/APCs have next to no stopping ability while travelling down sloped ground. Soldiers have fairly realistic damage models (head/chest shots usualy kill while arm shots decrease your accuracy and too many leg shots will leave you crawling on the ground) but vehicles have hit points, making sneaking up from behind on a Tank to attack it's (in real life) weakest armour redundant.

The Bottom Line

This game is most like Delta Force minus the Voxels and on a larger, conventional warfare scale with driveable vehicles, a simplified driving, flying and soldier simulation .