Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Flying in a civilian plane over the ruins of a village.
The main menu plays a short realtime-rendered cinematic showing some interesting activity.
I'm injured, but i can still drive that UAZ.
A wild ride through a hot zone.
Intro cinematic of a rescue mission.
The sergeant tells you what you need to know.
Briefing of the first Red Hammer mission - don't waste your ammo on civilians.
Assaulting a village in which members of the militia are gathered.
The russian officer suspects trouble when he sees you behind the wheel (dressed in civilian clothes)
Find the tank.
Commanding a tank, looking through a viewport and giving orders.
Another perspective - the numpad keys control looking around without aiming.
Briefing for a short mission.
That's helpful and not annoying. Really! I mean it!
A hind in the distance, must be Liquid Snake...
I got in the car after some bullets got in there first.
External view is good, though you can crash more easily.
The map is useful, though not when you're supposed to be driving.
Oh thanks, I like you too.
I rock pretty hard eh? *crickets*
There's the fuel station! I got less than seven minutes to destroy it.
I just took off with the combat helicopter. That soviet convoy ahead is my primary target.