Orbz Credits (Windows)

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Orbz Credits


The Orbz TeamChristopher Brethen, David Chait, Justin Mette, Ryan Mette, Dave Myers, Mike Nelson, Steve Simmons, John Quigley
Community ContributionsXavier Amado, Frank Bignone, Pascal Bos, Clark Fagot, Desmond Fletcher, Mike Jahnke, Melv May, Matthew Mitman, Bruce Wallace, Drew Zilm
TestersChad Barbry, Wesley Beary, Robert Brim, Dave Calabrese, Justin Cepelak, Dan Clarke, Brad Cook, William Crafford, William Cripe, Ted Daley, Michael Garcen, Sam Gill, Neal Grandstaff, James Hills, Rowdy O. Jones, Arnauld de La Grandiere, Chris Lohman, Mathieu Lopez, Joseph Maruschak, Matthew Mitman, Jay Moore, Marlo Myers, Daniel Nielsen, Andrew Osborne, Nicolas Quijano, Yacine Salmi, Matthew Sayre, Brian Scott, Paul Scott, Kurtis Seebaldt, Matthew Shapiro, Davis Ray Sickmon Jr, Matt Stentiford, Bill Stovall, Tom Vogt, Bryan Walters, Jeremy Wells, Chris Williams, Jeffrey Wilkinson, Blaine Wilson, Simon Windmill, Ronald Yacketta, Effi Zim
Special ThanksGarageGames, HomeLAN, CyPR Media, BraveTree Productions, Max Gaming Technologies, Thin Air Design, Nullsoft
Friends and Family (for putting up with us)Terry Hoffman, Molly Mette, Marlo Myers, Miles Schor, Elissa Ummel

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (209311)