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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.1
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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Co-Optimus (Jul 30, 2012)
In sum, OMD2 is a fantastic game and has completely lived up to my expectations. It features all the stuff from OMD that I know and love, and makes it even better. Co-op enhances and enriches the experience and additional traps and new enemies as well as a revamped and more customizable unlock system make the game an absolute delight to play. I have absolutely no complaints and I’ll certainly be pushing this game on my friends like a deranged crack dealer.
Game Informer Magazine (Jul 30, 2012)
Orcs Must Die 2 is a strategy game at heart – you’ll have a hard time even completing normal mode without at least some thought put into trap placement – but the constant action and adrenaline-surging thrills of tearing orc hordes apart with your personal weapons and spells captures much of the appeal of third-person brawlers as well. The near-flawless execution on every level makes the brilliant concepts at the game’s core shine through with perfect clarity. Even if you’ve never played or so much as heard of the original game, Orcs Must Die 2 is worth a place of honor in your collection.
Games Finder (Mar 12, 2018)
The original was a unique hit that proved highly popular and the sequel is no different. The addition of co-op gameplay and a host of new traps makes the sequel even more enticing than the original.
Atomic Gamer (Jul 27, 2012)
Orcs Must Die! came seemingly out of nowhere last year and wound up being a nice surprise for many gamers, but this time, there are at least a few expectations that have to be met. Luckily, the diversity of new traps, items, weapons, maps, and monsters makes this game just as worthy of a purchase as the first one, and then the online play takes that over the top to make this a clearly better game than its predecessor. If you have someone else to play it with, then picking up two copies is a great way to spend your summer gaming cash. Some will be disappointed that this sequel is not coming to Xbox like the first did, but over on the PC gaming side of things, it's actually nice to see a developer happily returning to its roots (in its past life, at least, under the Ensemble Studios name) as a PC-exclusive developer. Orcs Must Die! 2 is a wonderful combination of action and strategy, all wrapped up nicely with a whimsical art style and slightly silly attitude.
IGN (Jul 27, 2012)
Orcs Must Die! 2’s new cooperative mode allows its gameplay to outshine the formidable strengths of its predecessor, but at the cost of piling several punishing difficulty spikes on the single-player mode. Even so, few other tower defense games succeed so well in delivering pure fun, and the extensive upgrades and improvements to traps and weaponry makes slaughtering orcs more enjoyable than ever. It never loses sight of the singular imperative to kill as many orcs as possible, and while there’s a sense that too much has been recycled from the first outing, its unique combination of tower defense and action mechanics reach near perfection here. A qualified triumph for veterans of the first game and newcomers alike.
GameSpy (Jul 28, 2012)
I've put 20 hours in so far, and I feel like I've got quite a few ahead of me to put co-op leaderboard scores up on all of the maps -- which, actually, makes me wish developer Robot had at least remixed the catchy-but-repetitive theme music. But for $15 (or $25 for two copies) Orcs Must Die! 2 is a fantastic deal for a terrifically entertaining game.
DarkZero (Jul 30, 2012)
That being said, there should be no level that cannot be completed by spamming arrow walls and tar traps (except for the above mentioned one). This allows even the most tower defense challenged person to pick up this game and have fun. It really is something enjoyable to anybody who doesn’t believe harmless fun to be the work of the devil. Ultimately, it’s a fun game that’s well worth the 15 dollars (or 30 if you play it co-op) you’d be putting down on it. Even after the last level is over, endless mode is always there to taunt you to try harder.
Joystiq (Jul 31, 2012)
Normally, I'm no sucker for the dangling carrot, but given the many incentives to persist – all delivered through a system of refined mechanics void of tedium and full of pure fun – I have spent and will continue to spend hour upon hour playing Orcs Must Die! 2. After all, I need my archers fully upgraded and looking sharp before I'm invited to the next co-op session.
The Escapist (Aug 02, 2012)
Orcs Must Die 2 continues to build on its predecessor which cleverly matched together two different genres into a fun and quirky title, and the addition of co-op dials the enjoyment up a notch.
Darkstation (Aug 10, 2012)
There is a reason Steam sells this game with a two-pack option. For my money, there isn’t a better PC game to play through with a friend right now. Orcs Must Die! 2 perfectly combines the strategic thinking of tower defense games with the frenetic action of an old-school shooter, with plenty of laughs along the way. The later challenges are difficult to overcome by yourself, but comically violent Orc deaths are best savored with a friend anyway.
90 (Aug 24, 2012)
Sure, the most recent title in Robot Entertainment’s resume is not for everyone, but I tend to believe that’s because of the genre-specific features. In its own niche, Orcs Must Die! 2 is king. You may not be inclined towards tower defense games, but in this genre, the three-dimensional approach (your ability to use the walls and ceiling, to place down guardians, forming synergy between traps and character spells), the attractive graphics and the fast-paced gameplay are way above any other similar title.
Ironhammers (Jul 31, 2012)
Nothing takes anything away from the huge amount of fun you’ll be having, no matter which character or loadout you’re choosing. The learning curve is just right, there’s a ton of new gameplay elements, and the shear amount of replayability is akin to something like Tetris — it just never gets old. Robot Entertainment have managed to provide a game that’s as engaging as its predecessor. However, while it’s more game for the same money, in the land of subjective craziness that is review scores, Orcs Must Die! 2 drops half a point compared to the original, simply for the lack of a way to partner with strangers.
Splitkick (Jul 30, 2012)
Orcs Must Die was a fantastic take on the tower defense genre. Orcs Must Die 2 does everything a sequel should. It captures the core of the original, fixes the flaws, and goes on to deliver a bigger and better experience. If the community flocks to this like it did (eventually) to the first game, the shelf life will continue to grow because co-op is so much more fun than mere score chasing. The game has barely released to the general public and I’m already curious to see where Robot goes with DLC.
Meristation (Jul 31, 2012)
Resumiendo, Orcs Must Die 2 es todo lo que era el original, pero mejorado. Quizás decepcione en un primer lugar el hecho de que sean tan sumamente parecidos, pero una vez que se descubre el modo cooperativo, el modo Endless y todas las posibilidades de progresión de personajes, es cuando uno se convence de que esta secuela tiene auténtica razón de ser. La base del original se mantiene, pero mejorada en todos los aspectos, por lo que si te gustó el primero, el segundo te encantará, especialmente si tienes a alguien con quien jugar. El modo Endless es un acierto mayúsculo que amplía en gran medida las horas de juego, así como el modo de dificultad máximo, que es un auténtico reto que nos tendrá entretenidos durante muchas horas mientras tratamos de buscar las combinaciones más efectivas. Tiene sus defectos, especialmente los ya mencionados de los niveles, pero por 15 Euros es una recomendación fácil por la diversión y contenido que proporciona.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 31, 2012)
Amper 10 maanden na het origineel laat Robot Entertainment zien dat het een duidelijk doel heeft, namelijk het maken van de leukste tower defense game ooit. Missie geslaagd!
GameTrailers (Aug 01, 2012)
Orcs Must Die 2 addresses many of the shortcomings of the original while retaining all of its strengths. It is a great pick-up and play title with an upbeat sense of humor, relentless action, and strong replay value thanks to different difficulty levels and cooperative play. While there is still room for improvement--a matchmaking feature, more character types, and a level editor would be great, Robot Entertainment has effectively built a better orc trap, and fans of the first game should beat a path to their door.
Spazio Games (Jul 30, 2012)
Robot Entertainment ha preso uno dei suoi lavori meglio riusciti, e l'ha limato fino a farlo diventare il miglior esponente dei tower defense games in circolazione. Orcs Must Die! 2 è un titolo che supera il suo predecessore in ogni caratteristica, le cui debolezze sono solo marginali. Forse si poteva rischiare qualcosa in più dal punto di vista dell'innovazione ma, vista la qualità del gioco, c'è davvero poco da recriminare.
Vandal Online (Jul 30, 2012)
Si ya disfrutasteis de la primera parte, sabed que aquí encontrareis más y mejor de lo mismo, y su único pecado es ser demasiado continuista, porque por lo demás es genial. Hay una demo gratuita en Steam para que podáis probarlo, y los 15 € que cuesta creednos que os saldrán muy rentables, con muchas horas de diversión por delante. Fresco, original, diferente, de jugabilidad impecable, sin duda un gran juego.
85 (Aug 06, 2012)
Attesissimo dai fans del titolo originale, Orcs Must Die! 2 centra pienamente il bersaglio offrendo tutto (o quasi) ciò che un sequel dovrebbe regalare. E' più vasto, aggiunge modalità divertentissime come la cooperativa multiplayer e la Endless, ha un livello di rigiocabilità superiore e smussa gli spigoli - su tutti l'accrescimento delle abilità - del titolo uscito poco meno di un anno fa. Il risultato è un prodotto votato al puro divertimento, che non si prende troppo sul serio ed è ammantato da una piacevolissima e sana ilarità. Manca solo un briciolo di innovazione nelle intime dinamiche di gioco, ma a dirla tutta, chi ne sentiva realmente il bisogno? Da soli o in compagnia (molto meglio), Orcs Must Die! 2 è indubbiamente il miglior esponente dei tower defense di nuova generazione, che in prodotti come questo ma anche in Sanctum e Dungeon defenders hanno raggiunto una imprevedibile maturità ed originalità.
Game Critics (Aug 24, 2012)
Missing subs aside, the amount of content in Orcs Must Die! 2 is exceptional, and that it's such an improvement over its predecessor speaks well of its developers. The fact that it's just $15 is just icing on a delicious orc-filled cake. Whether played solo or tackled with a friend, those looking for a fast-paced, third-person tower defense will find that the unique traps and reaching for high scores will more than keep them occupied.
Worth Playing (Sep 06, 2012)
Like its predecessor, Orcs Must Die! 2 is a straightforward game, but it's also an extremely enjoyable one — doubly so if you have a friend to play alongside. Whether it's a return trip or your first time wading into the horde, this is one tower defense game worth checking out.
PC Gamer (Jul 30, 2012)
I’m itching to play again once I finish this. If you have someone to team up with, get it without hesitation. If you don’t, hesitate slightly, then notice it’s only £12/$15 and get it anyway.
84 (Aug 02, 2012)
La mancanza di novità nelle meccaniche di base non è certo un bonus ma il prezzo, in relazione all'offerta, è decisamente buono e la cooperativa (online) è un fattore sufficiente a bilanciare lo stacco esiguo dell'esperienza single player rispetto al capitolo precedente. Inoltre il lavoro di bilanciamento è ottimo con mappe ben studiate e trappole che prima erano inutili, come la pedana a molla, ora invece fondamentali. In sostanza Orcs Must Die! 2 offre un'esperienza più completa e, con l'indroduzione della modalità cooperativa, colma una delle lacune maggiori del primo capitolo.
GameStar (Germany) (Aug 02, 2012)
Ork-Fleisch? Eigentlich bin ich ja Vegetarierin. Zum Glück geht’s in Orcs Must Die! 2 nicht ums Essen, sondern ums Austricksen von dümmlichen Orks. Die taktischen Elemente vertragen sich richtig gut mit der actionlastigen Komponente des Spiels und durch die große Anzahl an Waffen und Fallen wird es so schnell nicht langweilig. Der spaßige Koop-Modus ist schließlich das Sahne-, äh, Senfhäubchen auf einer Ork-Schlachtplatte, die für knapp 15 Euro ein absoluter Pflichtkauf für Tower-Defense-Fans und Spieler mit einem Faible für Experimente ist.
3D Juegos (Jul 30, 2012)
A pesar de ser algo continuista, Orcs Must Die 2 se convierte en un juego del género Defensa de Torres más que notable, gracias a su inconmensurable diversión y a la adición de un cooperativo fenomenal.
PC Games (Germany) (Aug, 2012)
Ich habe Orcs Must Die! damals unglaublich gerne gespielt, entsprechend hoch fiel die Wertung mit 84 Punkten aus (Ausgabe 11/11). Der Nachfolger kommt auf die gleiche Zahl - aber nur im Mehrspielermodus, denn auf dem lag eindeutig der Fokus der nicht einmal einjährigen Entwicklungszeit. Schön, dass die Entwickler ihre Fans so schnell mit neuem Stoff versorgen — blöd, dass das zulasten der Solo-Qualitat geht. Dass die Story Bockmist ist, damit kann ich leben. Die schlecht ausbalancierten Levels stören mich da schon eher. Dennoch ist der skurrile Job als Ork-Metzger immer noch eine Empfehlung wert — erst recht, wenn Sie einen Koop-Partner gefunden haben. Aufgrund der fehlenden Spielersuche gar nicht so einfach!
PCActu (Aug 31, 2012)
Pour le prix (15€), Orcs Must Die ! 2 nous propose un contenu très honnête en gommant plusieurs des défauts de son aîné. Fort de son nouveau mode coopératif et de quelques ajustements de gameplay, cet opus devrait ravir les amateurs de tower defense à la troisième personne. Nous, en tout cas, avons été convaincus.
80 (Jul 26, 2012)
Les Orcs insistent et continuent de mourir à la pelle dans Orcs Must Die! 2, mais cette fois Robot Entertainment leur offre une chance de résister et même de vous mettre la pâté. Plus varié, mieux maitrisé et surtout plus équilibré dans la difficulté, Orcs Must Die! 2 gomme tous les défauts du premier et apporte le coop en plus, pour un prix toujours modique. Le défouloir de l'été !
80 (UK) (Jul 27, 2012)
Such plate-spinning frustrations are part and parcel of the tower defence playbook, however, and the panicked thrill of being outnumbered is a huge part of why the genre endures. It's in the myriad ways you can decimate your attackers that the game's appeal lies, and the improvements made here have only made that pleasure more intense. While Orcs Must Die 2 still has balancing issues, they're more than outweighed by the sheer pleasure of the minute-by-minute gameplay, where calculated carnage is its own reward.
80 (Jul 30, 2012)
One of the best Tower Defense action hybrids so far, with considerably more depth than the original – even if it still looks like the same game.
80 (Jul 31, 2012)
Fino ad allora, avrete sicuramente di che divertirvi per un acquisto praticamente obbligato per i fan del genere e anche per i casual gamer, soprattutto se dotati di un amico con cui condividere l'esperienza.
The nature of the title means repetition (both in the reuse of assets from the original and the game’s mechanics getting a little over-familiar) will burn players out eventually, and for OMD veterans this may be accentuated by the short gap between releases. But in fundamentally altering the manner in which characters develop and actively encouraging experimentation with a wider assortment of weapon and trap combinations, Robot Entertainment has justified another round of budget greenskin bashing. If you have a friend who’s inclined to defend some dungeons with you, co-op is the icing on a frozen Orc’s skull.
80 (Aug 01, 2012)
Even though much of Orcs Must Die! 2 feels like it's an expansion rather than a fully-fledged sequel, Robot Entertainment adds and refines just enough to get away with it. Besides, you'll be having too much fun knocking back waves and waves of all those nasty Orcs to care.
GameSpot (Aug 03, 2012)
At times, Orcs Must Die! 2 looks and feels very much like its predecessor. This is only truly grating on the audio front, since the frequently campy quips and cheesy metal soundtrack that blasts when battle begins are repetitively recycled. Otherwise, there's more than enough new content here to justify digging back into the orc killing glee this tower defense/action strategy hybrid provides. With a good deal of replayability between the extra modes, dual playable characters, new gizmos, and great multiplayer co-op, this excellent sequel improves on the original in almost every way.
Gry OnLine (Aug 02, 2012)
Twórcy rozwinęli też nieco koncept znany z poprzedniej części, a mianowicie pułapki znajdujące się na mapach. Tym razem wprowadzano na przykład jeżdżące po etapie wagoniki rozjeżdżające orków (możemy im zmienić tor jazdy) czy podwieszone pod sufitem bomby. Niby mała rzecz, a może całkiem nieźle przysłużyć się w walce z zielonymi hordami. Jedynym zarzutem, jaki nasuwa się w przypadku map, jest ich liczba. Piętnaście misji wypada bowiem dość blado przy dwudziestu czterech przygotowanych na potrzeby „jedynki”. Tym bardziej że na tych samych mapach rozgrywana jest zarówno kampania dla jednego i dwóch graczy, jak i tryb Nieskończoność, przypominający słynną Hordę z Gears of War i polegający na odpieraniu coraz potężniejszych fal wrogów. Autorzy mogliby popisać się w tym przypadku nieco większą inwencją.
Thunderbolt Games (Aug 09, 2012)
Orcs Must Die! 2 doesn’t rewrite the tower defense handbook, but the first one didn’t either. It provides a familiar formula wrapped in the guise of another familiar formula, and succeeds at picking the best parts of both. The game adds a lot for a quick sequel, although any attempts at Orcs Must Die! 3 will probably need to revisit the drawing board, considering this version adds multiplayer, an “endless” high score level, a ton of extra doohickeys, and the all-consuming cosmetic item hunt - not to mention the fact that almost-a-tower-defense-game-and-almost-a-shooter is becoming nearly as prolific a genre as tower defense. Right now, though, Orcs Must Die! 2 feels fun and fresh - even if the original game still did too.
Edge (Sep 26, 2012)
This tamps down some of the variety implied by its item shop and, in the end, tactics largely take a back seat to grenade spam. Luckily, the process of dismembering enemies in large numbers offers sadistic delight however you accomplish it, and in spite of its balance wobbles, Orcs Must Die 2 is a frenetic blast of co-op joy – the ideal 30-minute post-pint pick-me-up, be it a step-change sequel or not.
80 (Jul 27, 2012)
Orcs Must Die! 2 remplit parfaitement son contrat : permettre au joueur de partager avec un ami l'expérience intense et jubilatoire de la chasse aux peaux-vertes. Mais si le jeu à deux est diablement fun, on peut regretter qu'il n'apporte ni plus-value stratégique ni difficulté supplémentaire, le challenge restant bien en-deçà d'un Dungeon Defenders. Pour le reste, cette suite délivre un plaisir de jeu intact, rafraîchi par l'intégration de nouveaux traquenards plus retors que jamais et par un système de progression à la fois plus souple et plus riche. Dommage qu'il faille compter sur les modes de jeu alternatifs pour booster la longévité d'une campagne bien trop courte
77 (Aug 01, 2012)
Was dem zweiten Orcs Must Die! so wunderbar gelingt wie seinem Vorgänger, ist der famose Blutrausch: Clever platzierte Fallen werden mit ulkigem Pixelblut und Kombokills belohnt - die überdrehten Zeichnungen sowie die hämische Freude über ein effektives Fallenlabyrinth lassen fast jede Konkurrenz in Sachen Tower Defense alt aussehen! Allerdings ist die Zwei im Titel eine reichlich optimistische Umschreibung des Begriffs "Erweiterungs-Pack". Klar macht es mehr Spaß, zu zweit loszuziehen. Natürlich sind neue Karten, Fallen, Waffen und Spielvarianten willkommen. Die Zwei bietet aber nicht so viel, dass es sich wie ein großer Nachfolger anfühlt. Als Paket könnten Turmverteidiger irgendwann nicht mehr um beide Spiele herum kommen. Einzeln fehlt ihnen der jeweils Andere.
75 (Aug 06, 2012)
Verder is Orcs Must Die! 2 eigenlijk in elk opzicht net iets beter dan het eerste deel. Het gaat niet om drastische veranderingen en dan is ook niet zo erg. Het origineel was iets minder dan een jaar geleden ook al erg goed en dit vervolg moet je zien als een uitbreiding daarop. De game is met deze toevoegingen eindelijk echt compleet. Voor de prijs van vijftien euro hoef je deze titel niet te laten liggen, maar als je in je eentje gaat spelen, begin dan met het nog goedkopere eerste deel.
70 (Jul 27, 2012)
Letzten Endes ein gutes Spiel, das seinen Vorgänger übertrifft, doch nicht genügend Fortschritt geschafft hat. Hätte sich Robot Entertainment nur ein paar Wochen mehr Zeit für Inhalt und eine weitere Ausarbeitung der Elemente genommen, wäre so viel mehr drin gewesen. Falls ihr Orcs Must Die! noch nicht besitzt, solltet ihr direkt zum Nachfolger greifen. Veteranen überlegen sich dagegen, ob ihnen die wenigen Neuerungen für einen erneuten Kauf reichen, wenn nicht gerade ein williger Partner zur Verfügung steht.
G4 TV: X-Play (Aug 02, 2012)
With its fast-paced multiplayer, completely redesigned spellbook, and extensive replayability, I'd say if you enjoyed the original Orcs Must Die! then I’d highly recommend Orcs Must Die! 2. However, OMD2 is shorter than OMD in terms of the campaign and only seems to expand on the original rather than offer a new innovative experience for tower defense fans. If you're only playing for the arcade experience, OMD2! is an arcade title that shouldn't be passed up for its low price of just $15.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Jul 31, 2012)
Orcs Must Die 2 er en helt igennem fornøjelig oplevelse, der både vil kunne charmere nybegyndere, samt de der har ventet på nyt indhold siden det første spil. Bliver det til et spil mere i serien, kunne det dog være rart med lidt flere nyheder og en mere overvejet spilbalance.
70 (Sep 04, 2012)
OMD! 2 je tak vhodná pro každého milovníka dílu prvního, ideálně však ve slevě nebo se všemi DLC. Nedávno třeba vyšel přídavek za 5 Euro, který nabízí tři nové levely, dva nepřátele a několik nových zbraní. Je tedy dost dobře možné, že až DLC udělají z pokračování skutečně plnohodnotný druhý díl.