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Ossuary Credits (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Ossuary Credits


Created byGregory Avery-Weir
Managed byMelissa Avery-Weir
Tested byNathan Hammond, Dean Messer, Jonas Kyratzes
Feedback fromRod Humble, Frank Lantz
Packaged for OSX byNathan Hammond
Music from Three Moments byDarrell Burgan (ccby3.0)
Fonts byAnna Anthropy
Developed usingFlash, FlashDevelop, Flixel, GIMP, Audacity, Bfxr, DAME

Sound samples from

Thunder fromPingel
Glass breaking fromTomlija
Stone grinding fromj1987
Church bell fromdsp9000
Spray can fromPercy Duke
Earthquake fromRutger Miller (as RutgerMiller)
Treadle lathe fromBenboncan
Gravel fromCorsica_S
Ghost tube fromDJ Chronos
Chain dragging fromkantouth
Pig slaughter fromdobroide
Singing fromdigifishmusic
Orgasm fromMatteus Nova (as MatteusNova)
Alien bug fromZozzy
Gore fromRock Savage
Funeral bells fromdobroide
Fire burning frompcaeldris
Rainstick fromMarty Pinso (as martypinso)
Concrete blocks fromFreqMan
Flash charging fromEdwin P. Manchester (as edwin_p_manchester)
Choral fromannannienann
Sad piano fromHerbert Boland (as HerbertBoland)
Cowbell rattle fromTim Gormly (as timgormly)

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