Ostfront: Decisive Battles in the East Credits (Windows)

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Ostfront: Decisive Battles in the East Credits

Kurland for IL-2/FB

Map Project TeamIan Boys, Jörg Wiedemann
Campaigns and Mission EditorsIan Boys, Jörg Wiedemann
Researcher and AdvisorChristian Schulz
Military HistoryChristian Schulz
2D and Distance mappingOleg Rozhentsov
New Ground Textures - AutumnDaniel Roger
New Ground Textures - WinterIan Boys
Linguistic SupportDmitriy Goryainov, Richard Campan, Christian Schulz, Olivier Bacca
Aircraft SkinsCsizmadia István, Christian Schulz, Loïc Derrien, Joseph Bilton, Brian Koga
Copyright1C Maddox Games, Ian Boys (UK), X1 Software

Arctic Air War for IL-2 Forgotten Battles

Murmansk MapIan Boys
Historical ResearchVille Pitkänen, Roman Larintsev, Jerry Boucher, Ian Boys
2D MapOleg Rozhentsov
Technical AdviceOleg Rozhentsov, Ilya Shevchenko
DGen/NGen CampaignsVadim Kolosov, Toumas Seijavuori, Mika Holm, Ian Boys
SkinsJoe Filton, Viktor Szalai, Ian Boys, Remi Pierlot, Kevin Henry, William Gibbons, Defrag
LocalisationJoerg Wiedemann, Gilles Almeida, Artur S Khodzhaev, Nicolas Bertrand, Christian Schulz, Hans Schmid
Title PictureJerry Boucher, Virtual Aircraft Website
Copyright1C:Maddox Games, Ian Boys (UK), X1 Software
Dedication to online unitsJG5, LLv34, 2 GvSAP, 81 Sqn.

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