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Outcast Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen appears only as part of the game's introduction movie
Introducing our hero, Cutter Slade. Nothing wrong with him except the name
The intro is very long, setting the cinematic tone of the game. This is Prof. Kauffman, a crucial plot character. Note the facial detail
The game begins in the small snowy region of Ranzaar, which serves as a tutorial
Practicing your crawling skills in one of the houses
The lovely, green rural region of Shamazaar will be the first you'll visit and explore. Look, people are doing push-ups!..
Watching how a blacksmith is working with interesting materials
The main weakness of Outcast right there: overabundance of conversation topics and conversations in general least the game is kind enough to provide an encyclopedia of all those semi-exotic words. Zort, Ulukai, don't tell the shamaz about the mon, okay?..
Nice view, isn't it? And look at this cute twon-ha below! He looks so tiny!..
You can just come near an enemy and punch him with your S.E.A.L.-trained fists...
...but guns are much more effective, really. Note the cool effect as the Talan's soul leaves his body... Seriously!..
Cutter dives for his life! What are those strange floating things?..
A cool effect: The landscape is scanned for the automap
Switching between views is very smooth and helpful. Watch how I aim at the guard from a half-zoomed perspective
First-person view is an even better option in combat! Here I try to shoot down a large bird who will drop rocks on me in a matter of seconds...
You'll amass vast amounts of items on your journey. Some of them are assigned to function keys
The people of Adelpha like to talk. Have patience and listen (or read), the information is sometimes interesting
Mountains and mines in Motazaar
Motazaar is a rather unpleasant environment... Watch out for such hazards
Grenades detonate in spectacular explosions
Wait! Come back here! I still need to discuss twenty topics with you!..
Cutter inserts a relic into the column. Two portals ("daokas") are nearby
Some segments of the game are arcade-like. Here, you should avoid those rolling boulders
Nice boiling lava effects!..
Your second gun is a bit more powerful. Overlooking a peaceful village, contemplating a massacre... Don't do that, Ulukai!..
You can kill any person you see. Aiming your new gun at this innocent person... but not shooting, of course
Swimming underwater is fun! Beware of those fishes, however - they are quite dangerous!..
The Game Over screen is rather... expressive
Islands in the sea: Okasankaar. A magical environment!..
A Gorgor attacks. Note the detailed skin textures...
Spectacular effects of light, charging grenade launcher, and a windmill
You'll get more powerful weapons as you advance in the game. You scare a poor old guy with this oversized new gun
The city of Cyana is the most "European" environment in the game. You visit a marketplace
Taking a quiet boat ride... just me and my best friend... watching the beautiful sun effects... Life is good
I climbed to the top of the hill where the city of Cyana is located. Gorgeous effects on the sky - plus a new powerful gun in my hands!
Wee! Jumping of joy with a new gun; the body of the enemy and a health kit are lying behind
Watching NPC routines. People are working in the water
A fire-breathing Achondar attacks. Quite a magnificent beast, indeed!..
Posing with the sixth and final, most powerful gun with some fruits in the forest region of Okaar
Swimming under a bridge towards a waterfall in Okaar
Overlooking Okaar from the bridge you just swam under. You can do it for hours and days...
As I point the gun at the enemy, another one blows his horn to summon help!..
Talanzaar is probably the region you'll explore last. Standing on the stairs of a temple, thinking what to do next...
The town of Okriana looks very Middle Eastern
This is... a well. Hmm. I wonder if it has any significance
Cutscenes occur to advance the plot. You finally meet Marion... what do we do now?..
While the guards fire at the holo-decoy, Cutter fries them with the flamethrower
I'm thinking of tackling this place platform-jumping style. What do you think?..
Nearing the final segment of the game. Watching the magnificent sun effects

Official Screenshots

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    E3 1998