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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.2
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.7
Overall User Score (11 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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Adventurespiele (Mar 20, 2009)
"Outcry – Die Dämmerung" ist ein hervorragendes, schauriges, mystisches Abenteuer. Die Grafik zeigt deutlich, in welchem Zeitalter wir uns befinden und erinnert ein wenig an das gruselige Abenteuer "Scratches". Wir wandern nach und nach von der Dunkelheit ins Licht, was das zunehmende Verstehen der Geschehnisse symbolisiert. Die Story bleibt spannend bis zum Schluss, denn erst dann erfahren wir, was wirklich geschehen ist. Tolle logische, aber nicht ganz einfach Rätsel werden die Herzen aller Rätselfreunde höher schlagen lassen. Wir waren von dem Abenteuer fasziniert und begeistert, hätten uns aber eine etwas längere Spieldauer gewünscht, denn diese liegt unter 10 Stunden.
GameBoomers (Sep, 2008)
I have already confessed my admiration for Outcry. It will likely be a matter of taste, and even if you find it flavoursome, there will likely be some sourness. But it’s a fair while since I played a game of this type that I enjoyed quite so much.
BestGamer.ru (Jul 09, 2008)
Так получился, наверно, один из самых лучших квестов сделанных в России. Да и наверно, один из лучших квестов последнего времени вообще. Портят впечатление только два момента: требование от игрока определенного образовательного уровня (не меньше среднего полного) да небольшая продолжительность. Sublustrum, как и другой русский проект, «Тургор», не является продуктом для широких масс и вряд ли получит их признание. Зато тем, кто постарается вжиться в подсознание профессора, хоть несколько минут поразмышляет на вечные темы и проникнется той атмосферой, может получить персональный шедевр, который после прохождения будет приятно вспоминать снова и снова.
Just Adventure (Oct 03, 2008)
I really wanted to give this game the highest marks. It is truly a work of Art which stimulates the senses, evokes your emotions and leaves you thinking. But it has that one fatal flaw which mars the whole experience. So I am giving it a B+. Should Phantomery ever come out with a patch to change that one puzzle to a rational solution, I will happily patch my grade up to an A.
The game is actually fairly short, although it must be kept in mind that this is a "first offering" from Phantomery Interaction. And as such, I believe it was a great success. Though I was able to complete the game in about 10 or 12 hours, I saw a lot of things in this game that hold great promise for future offerings from Phantometry. In this case, perhaps they tried to do too much, but with too little story, for a first game. (That could also provide some explanation for the apparently unrelated puzzles near the end -- i.e., as an attempt to lengthen the game, without actually having the content to base that extension on.) Overlooking that, however, I found Outcry to be more enjoyable than I would have initially thought; and I can recommend it to adventure gamers, particularly those who are looking for something a little out of the ordinary.
Outcry is an interesting title that is very stylish and achieves what very few games of this genre have. It puts the player at unease and presents a rich tapestry of surreal and appealing landscapes. Unfortunately at times the developers have been too clever for their own good and it falls short in providing enough help to the player to effectively keep attention and reward progression.
Game Vortex (Sep 22, 2008)
With everything I said, I wanted to state that I enjoyed the game in a very nostalgic appreciation for what the game is sort of way. It isn't claiming anything ridiculous, it makes no unobtainable promises, and I really like that. It deserves attention from fans of the genre. I do have to hold this up to other point and click games from the past. There have been one or two that have come over the years. I say that this is a rock solid game that stays straight and narrow the whole way. Straight and narrow may not be pushing anything, but it does provide a solid experience for those who may be new to gaming. So as a gateway drug to gaming, it is top-notch. As a game in its own right, it was solid and fulfilling but there were no surprises. Lastly, against others from the past, it holds up to par. It was fun but now it's done, and so am I.
Imperium Gier (Mar 02, 2009)
Klasyczna przygodówka w stylu Mysta z oryginalnymi rozwiązaniami fabularnymi i bardzo sugestywnym klimatem. Nikogo raczej nie wystraszy, ale może zaniepokoić.
IGN (Dec 16, 2008)
Outcry is creepy, stylish, and atmospheric, and contains some interesting gameplay ideas. While getting high marks for an interesting and unusual concept, it falls short in regard to providing guidance for the player and fails to deliver on its lofty premise.
Absolute Games (AG.ru) (May 29, 2008)
Воистину: далеко не для всех. В отличие от саундтрека, являющегося, пожалуй, главным достоинством игры, — впору издавать отдельным альбомом. Мрачный эмбиент от Anthesteria смягчает гнев и погружает в атмосферу печали и воспоминаний о безвозвратно ушедшем прошлом. Увы, этот воздух слишком разрежен, чтобы его можно было вдыхать полной грудью.
GameZone (Sep 22, 2008)
Even though Outcry looks and sounds pretty good, looks don’t make a game. It has to be fun and interesting, too. While there are many aspects of this game that are interesting, there are also many times when the gameplay is boring and lackluster. The story as a whole just doesn’t appeal or resonate, and the writing is bad. Making people listen to the same spoken passages every time they look at some of the entries is not ideal, either. The diary is a large pain to try to read while the narrator is droning on and on. The only solution is to turn off the sound. The puzzles are very good for the most part, but getting the required pieces and clues isn’t always all that fun. On the other hand, gamers that enjoy solving mechanical puzzles in a solitary game setting will enjoy this game, despite the problems.
Game Over Online (Oct 30, 2008)
When I play an adventure, I’d rather have the puzzles be too tough rather than too easy, but in Outcry you’re given almost no help to understand what you’re supposed to be doing, or what solving the puzzles will do for you, or even what’s going on. If you like your puzzles tough and confusing, then Outcry might be a good choice for you, but otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it.
Having said that, I so wished to rate this game higher. But the “boiler plate” in the form of too much peculiar writing to wade through as well strange and over-challenging puzzles leading to possible dead ends, causes me to take it down a couple of notches. Still, it’s only a $20 game, and those who enjoy this kind of puzzling and heavy reading may well be willing to sort through all the obscurity to get to the interesting central story.
Adventure Gamers (Sep 18, 2008)
All in all, with such an intriguing premise and strong production values, the developers had the foundation to make a great game, but the corny plot, pretentious writing, uninteresting characters, and some questionable design issues prevent it from achieving its full potential. The game is also quite brief: it’s unlikely that a seasoned player will spend more than five or six hours to reach the ending, unless becoming significantly stuck on particular puzzles, though that’s likely to happen at some point with the pixel hunting and lack of feedback offered. As it is, Outcry is aimed solely at fans of puzzle-driven games, who will appreciate the challenge as long as they don’t expect anything nearly as meaningful and profound as the game wants to believe it is.
Digital Chumps (Sep 25, 2008)
With the help of a walkthrough when I was firmly stumped, I was able to get through the adventure in well under six hours according to my save game time. Had I tried to solve all of these puzzles alone, I would have probably had to restart the game several times because on some of those switching puzzles, if you alter the state of the switches before you know what you're doing, you could potentially set yourself back even more. I think it's actually a good thing Outcry didn't try to stretch out much longer, because in a lot of ways it's a chore to play through.
Game Captain (Apr 01, 2009)
Die Idee mit den Bewusstseins- und Zeitreisen find ich prinzipiell interessant. An der Umsetzung hapert es jedoch. Die Story tritt eindeutig gegenüber den sehr anspruchsvollen Rätseln in den Hintergrund. Haben wir endlich eines dieser komplexen Rätsel gelöst, folgt eventuell ein kleines Storyhäppchen und dann sofort die nächste bockschwere Knobelei, so dass man sich eigentlich nur stundenlang von einem mechanischen Rätsel zum nächsten hangelt. Zudem wirkt die gesamte Spielwelt so leblos, dass Outcry – Die Dämmerung genauso spannend wie Omas Rätselheft daherkommt. Dazu gesellen sich noch ein unübersichtlicher und hässlicher Grafikstil sowie Gameplay- und Steuerungsschwächen, die den Spielspaß mindern. Geduldige Myst-Fans, die über einen stabilen Magen verfügen und nicht vor Kopfschmerzen zurückschrecken, können in Outcry einen Trip wagen. Allen anderen empfehle ich, zur erheblich besseren Penumbra-Serie zu greifen.
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 11, 2009)
All told, Outcry isn't a bad game. It's not one I would recommend for players who aren't already a fan of the genre. Veteran adventure gamers might find it a nice afternoon's diversion but it's not going to be a standout in their library. I give Phantomery credit for trying to keep the genre alive, but they need to go back to the drawing board for the next one.
GameStar (Germany) (Mar, 2009)
Zum Aufschreien gibt's in Oucry keine Gelegenheit, weder vor Schrecken noch vor Freude. Eher zum Aufgähnen. Gemählich bis umständlich klicke ich mich durch die lieblose Welt, die (an sich spannende) Geschichte entfaltet sich viel zu träge. Immerhin passt das Zeitreise-Szenario bestens: Das Spiel wirkt in jeder Hinsicht so, als ob es direkt aus der Vergangenheit kommt. Geduldige Logikrätsel-Fans dürfen mangels jeglicher Alternative reinschauen.
I’m very conflicted about Outcry. Great effort was taken to make the game visually interesting, and a memorable story such as this is something that you don’t see much in any game genre these days, but there are so many major problems that it’s tough to recommend it, despite its great creativity. If these errors can be fixed with a patch sometime in the future, the game could turn out to be a fine look back to the history of our hobby, but for now, its promise is clouded by a swarm of bugs that can’t be ignored.
GameSpot (Sep 12, 2008)
Outcry is weird with a capital "W," as thick with atmosphere as a snowy night in St. Petersburg, deeply pretentious, and mind-bogglingly incomprehensible. Like a piece in one of its own puzzles, you can pick Outcry up, but good luck figuring out what to do with it.
4Players.de (Apr 27, 2009)
Atmosphärisch ist Outcry sogar in Ordnung, wenn man mal von der auf Vergänglichkeit getrimmten, menschenleeren Umgebung und einer gewissen Steifheit absieht. Die mysteriöse Story, die schwermütige Musik und die grenzwissenschaftlichen Texte machen neugierig, was wohl hinter dem Ganzen stecken könnte. Allerdings wird dieser anfängliche Entdeckerdrang immer wieder durch allerhand Widrigkeiten gebremst, die sicher nicht im Sinne der russischen Erfinder sind. Die Apparaturenrätsel sind konventionell, es fehlen aber Hinweise - und wenn welche da sind, dann verwirren sie nur. Zudem sind die wenigen Gegenstände kaum zu finden, da sie in dem Durcheinander versteckt sind. Man kommt oft gar nicht zu den Orten, weil man denkt, es führe kein Weg dorthin; hier hätte eine Hot-Spot-Anzeige Abhilfe schaffen können. Hat man es geschafft, kommt in Kapitel zwei der plötzliche Knockout, da ein Bug das Weiterspielen ausbremst.
In the end, there is little about Outcry that recommends itself. The story is bewildering, disjointed, and poorly fleshed out. The subject matter is dry, the puzzles lack elegance, and the compulsory reading is uninteresting and difficult to grasp.