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Overlord Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen with a dancing minion
Main menu
The overlord is awake. (intro)
The finishing touch: the helmet is put on. (intro)
Let's go and do some evil.
Gnarl introduces you to the various aspects of the game.
Hitting the checky jester.
Your throne. Doesn't look much at the moment... (in-game cut-scene)
The Overlord has arrived. (in-game cut-scene)
A human village
Summoning a few minions.
Some minions beat up a sheep.
The Overlord looks at the beautiful scenery.
The minions found some weapons and helmets.
This strange guy gives you your first quest.
If they can't find anything else, your minions will improvise and use pumpkins as helmets.
We overrun a few sleeping halflings.
Sometimes the Overlord needs to do the work himself.
Waypoints are scattered over the land.
The status of the Overlord
The teleporter of the Dark Tower
The minions move a pillar out of the way.
Some humans debating weather the Overlord really is the Overlord or just some disguised Halfings.
Putting the fireball spell to good use.
Fire will spread in a wheat-field.
A mana shrine. Sacrifice a minion and regain mana.
Those Halflings can't defeat my minions.
The Overlord joins the action.
Smile for the group photo
A mighty troll
When a troll makes this jump - you better run.
The troll landed on his stomach and caused a shockwave.
A healing shrine. One of my minions already jumps in to sacrifice himself.
The work on the Dark Tower begins.
The heart of the tower powers the teleporter.
Summoning a few minions before entering the dungeon.
Choose your oppnent in the dungeon.
The jester fires up the masses.
Two trolls fight against the Overlord in the Dungeon arena.
Attacking the Halfling's home.
Behold! My minions are gathering.
Anybody home?
Fighting in a kitchen.