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Pac-Man World 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The five ghosts are up to no good once again
Exploring Pac-Village
Welcome to the arcade. By collecting enough tokens, you will be able to play classic Pac-Man games
World map
The Pac-Cub is one of the enemies in the game
Pac-Dot chains take you to areas that are not accessible by foot
If you collect Galaxian tokens, you will be able to play classic 2-D mazes
Swimming underwater
Looking out onto Pac-Dot Pond
At the end of each world, you will defeat each ghost by taking out their machines
Nice view of the forest floor
It burns! It burns!
A bit too cold for you, eh, Pac-Man?
Pac-Man turns himself into an ice block
Run, Pac-Man, Run!
Pac-Man on skates
Look who made their cameo appearance
This monster is invincible without the chrome power-up
Swimming in the ocean
Run, coward!
Riding in the Pac-Marine
Skating on the boardwalk
Exploring the Ghost Bayou
Game over, Pac-Man