Pacific General Credits


ProducerJohn Eberhardt
Assistant ProducerGlen A. Cureton
Game DesignSSI Special Projects Group
Lead ProgrammerMichael Coustier
ProgrammersBenjamin Cooley, Paul Murray, Reggie Seagraves
Audio ProgrammingRalph Thomas
Lead ArtistMike Filippoff
ArtistsGrisha Grigoriev, Ryan Paul
Additional ArtDan Burke, Maurie Manning
Lead ScripterJames Young
ScriptersDavid Merrick, Richard Wagenet
Additional ScriptersDave Wallick, David Landrey, Michael M. Simpson
ManualMark Whisler
Manual EditorAnathea Lopez
Audio DesignStephen Lam, Lance Page
Multimedia DesignLee Crawford, Maurice Jackson
Title Music, Japanese MusicDanny Pelfrey, Rick Rhodes
American MusicSteve Lucky, The Rumba Bums
Voice Acting DirectorReed Evans
Voice ActingWalter Fields, Mikio Hirata
Additional Voice ActingJacques Moyal, Jose Oliva, Tim Redmond, Tony Saccardi, Jan Lindner, Yukihiro Goto, International Contacts Inc.
Data AdministrationCaron White
Test DirectorSean Decker
Test ManagementJason Ray
Lead TesterBill White
Testers SSIGarrett Graham, Kelly Calabro, Dion Burgoyne, Daniel Rivera, Jason Bredice, Jeremy Dang, George Chastain Jr., Chris Lanka, Mark Schmidt, Nile Sabbagh, Sally Werner, Forrest Elam, Christopher Smith
External TestersJudith Weller, John Taylor, Bill Snow, Gordon J. Shenkle, Ed Certon, Bill Lott, Michael Bell
Production DirectorDaniel Cermak
Graphic Design and DTPLouis Saekow Design, David Boudreau, Jerrick McCullough
Special Thanks ToRussell Brown, Steve Burke, Bob Coates, Bret Berry, Joel Billings, Charles J. Kroegel Jr., Brandon Chamberlain, Chris Carr, David Jensen, Rick Martinez, Music Annex, Gregory Steil, Thomas Foss, US Naval Institute

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Russell Brown, 45 other games
Jan Lindner, 40 other games
James Young, 37 other games
Walter Fields, 35 other games
Lance Page, 32 other games
Sean Decker, 32 other games
Dan Burke, 32 other games
Maurice Jackson, 32 other games
Paul Murray, 31 other games
Anathea Lopez, 31 other games
Reggie Seagraves, 30 other games
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Ralph Thomas, 29 other games
Garrett Graham, 28 other games
Bill White, 27 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by NGC 5194 (17617), Xoleras (66813) and William Shawn McDonie (1182)