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Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet Credits


Interactive DesignRhonda Conley, Eric Gross
Lead ArtistRhonda Conley
Lead ProgrammerEric Gross
Associate ProducerOanh Pham
WriterDavid Grossman
ProgrammingTami Borowick, Chris Bui, Bob Bulgrien, Dolores Carney, Peter Crayne, Katie Harris, Mark Pedigo, Shawn South, Peggy Wiltz
Sound Effects ProgrammingGeoff Kirk, Rhett Mathis
Senior Systems ProgrammersChristopher Blackwell, Stephen W. Johnson, Brad P. Taylor
System ProgrammerSteven Magladry
Demo byDave Timoney
Lead AnimatorSandy Spangler
Traditional AnimationKathy Anderson, Andrew Brinkworth, Scott Brothers, Rafael Calonzo Jr., Travis Kotzebue, Maria Mailey, John Michaud, Lara Y. Schneider, Fred Sodt, Tom Verre
Character DesignKathy Anderson, Scott Brothers, Peter Chan, Anita Griffin, Derek McCaughan, Edward Pun, Sandy Spangler, Tom Verre
Storyboard ArtistsKathy Anderson, Travis Kotzebue, Fred Sodt, Sandy Spangler, Tom Witte
Lead Computer Art & AnimationLeah Verre
Computer Art & AnimationChip F. Beal, Carolyn Blackwood, Brant Fitzgerald, Greg Griffith, Michael Jacob, Mark Lautenbach, Cisco Javier Martinez, Becky Sommers
Background LayoutsEdward Pun
Lead Background ArtistDerek McCaughan
Background ArtistsStacey Birst-Yates, Leslie Harrington, Kyle Shold
Lead Ink & PaintCraig Hardin
Digital Ink & PaintJuli Adams, Brandon Baker, Dave Brown, Jose Castaneda, Jeremy Chase, Aaron Van Holland, Justin Jones, Chris Logan, Bill McGuire, Aspen Price, Cat Richards, Rob Shoff, Linda Spain, Daniel S. Thompson, Lorinda Wells
QA LeadSusan Mohn
TestersKelly Brown, Robert J. Ochs, Luci O'Brien-Davies, Theresa Robinson, Matthew D. Schroeder
Production LeadD. J. Mattern
Production AssistantsTanya Erwin, Nate Hall, Bob Lenth, Patrick Thangsombat
Music Produced byGeorge Alistair Sanger
Music Composed byGeorge Alistair Sanger, Joe McDermott
Lead VocalsJo Beth Henderson (Backing Vocals - The Le Beau Divas)
Tenor SaxElias Haslinger
PercussionPhil Bass
PianoFloyd Domino
DrumsDavid Sanger
BassDavid Miller
Original Pajama Sam ThemeThomas McGurk
Burps in "Dangerous When Shaken"Max McDermott (and Andrew Greene Age Fourteen)
Recording Engineers at Bad AnimalsSuzie Brutke-Smurdon, Geoff Vanderhyde
Recording Engineers at Screen MusicErnie Sheesley, Gordon Suffield
Featuring the Voice(s) ofPamela Segall (as Pajama Sam)
Additional Voice Talent ByLarry Albert, Joshua Anderson, John Armstrong, Ken Boynton, Robbie Burke, Scott Burns, Ann Christine, Frank Cox, Mark Dias, Bill Dufris, Kate Fleming, Kathryn Luster, David Ossman, Frannie Pope, Bhama Roger, David Scully, Jeff Steitzer, Lauren Tewes, Annette Toutonghi, Stephan Weyte, Kelly Wright
Copywriter: Manual, Help File, & PackagingCaroline J. Sherley
Lead Graphic Designer: Manual, Packaging, & Activity BookEric Boston
Senior Illustrator: Manual, Packaging, & Activity BookRon Goodfellow
Art Directors: Manual, Packaging, & Activity BookTonya Arriaga, Marci Knutsen
Marketing DirectorMichael Salvadore
Marketing ManagerJustin Hutchinson
Communications DirectorBrandon Smith

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5323) and Jeanne (76447)