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Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Gorging on cookies must have been a tough job for Sam (even for the box tops for a Pajama Man action figure!)
Look everyone! It's Pajama Sam! (Sam looks definitely happy with his cape...)
The following of the snickering cookies has ended up in the kitchen where an unforgettable journey will soon begin for Sam.
It's his 3rd game: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet!
Enjoying the party with the sweets...
It's no fun when you find yourself in a jail though, just after the party!
Florette is one of the delegates of the peace conference.
Sam in front of a neat building (notice the top of Chocamok cookie box?!)
Only two delegates make it to the conference. Hey, someone is watching us?!!
Your old pal Carrot once again helps you. His help? He will be keeping General Beetfoot (in the back) from boiling over and sending out the troops.
General Beetfoot has a problem of controlling his nerves.
That's why you must find the other 4 delegates immediately...
This cute doughnut will also help you in your journey. He likes swimming and swinging...
Sam and the doughnut on their way to the other parts of the island.
It looks like these Zing & the Soda Cans can't stop grooving!
It also shows in the face!
One of the missing delegates, Granny Smythe is stuck in the Caramel pit. You must find a solution quickly.
Along the journey, you will meet Jelly Beans who want to be respected by the Kidney Beans...
...or muscle-bound muffins with an eye for art!
You will be trying to help many characters in need for a solution like this comedian. His jokes are out of order, unfortunately. Can you help him?
The interaction with the backgrounds is quite fun; just click on when your cursor changes to a small solid arrow and watch the surprises unfold!
Sam with the plumbers. They are helping each other and actually, they are enjoying themselves!
A simple yet effective game menu on a cloud...
Credits section; it's sure fun, Sam!
The Food Pyramid foyer
Riding a mountain lift under a gorgeous sky...
Sam skiing - in some variants of the gameplay you can find a useful object on the slope.
Pajama Sam needs to find 20 box tops to get a Pajama Man doll (yup, "action figure" is just a term invented in order not to use the "girly" word "doll") - much easier than finding all the socks in the
A comedian's bored audience
Inside the library - I don't know why they keep material such as manual on operating a machine when it should rather be kept by the owner of the machine...
The Bean Sorting Machine - neat, but also quite boring, because it takes time to get to Bean 47.
As we can see in the credits, Carrot has a positive influence on General Beetroot. :)