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Pandora's Box Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Beginning of Level 1 Myth
World Map
Puzzle Selection in New York
Pandora's Box With One Piece Found
Find and Fill Puzzle
Focus Point Puzzle
Image Hole Puzzle
Interlock Puzzle
Jesse's Strips Puzzle
Lens Bender Puzzle
Outer Layer Puzzle
Overlap Puzzle
Rotascope Puzzle
Slices Puzzle
Hall of Fame, with comparison of players' scores (French version)
Sandbox puzzle selection (French version)
Final puzzle of a stage, boss waiting for the battle (French version)
Player selection screen (French version)
Congratulation message at the end of a puzzle, with information on the work (French version)
Just find a bonus piece "Hint" ! (French version)
Maui, the first of the tricksters you are tasked to capture.