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ESRB Rating


Dads and Daughters, a 1-year old non-profit organization "aiming to help strengthen father-daughter bonds and fight cultural stereotypes that overemphasize beauty and body image" received press when it urged Simon & Schuster not to release Panty Raider due to its content ranging "From making fun of anorexia to objectifying girls to assuming that boys just want titillation from computer games". It picked up endorsements from other groups such as the Center for Health and Gender Equity, the Baptist Center for Ethics and the National Center for Policy Research for Women and Families. Simon & Schuster's response, in part, was that it has an 'M' rating limiting it to those 17 and older, and that "It's humor...Some people will love it, some people will not love it."

Contributed by Scaryfun (17975) on May 12, 2007. -- edit trivia