Panzer Corps: Allied Corps Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Americans are mustering forces before crossing the Atlantic
Allied destroyers sinking German U-boats
D-Day beach landing
Liberating France
Winter war on the western front
Title screen
CG FMV showing allied tank destroying enemy anti-tank gun
Start screen
Choose campaign
Choose scenario
Allied Corps campaign path
Unit artwork, British Churchill heavy tank
Unit artwork, M4 Sherman tank
Unit artwork, US M26 Pershing tank
Unit artwork, British jet fighter
Unit artwork, P-47 Thunderbolt
Library compendium now contains info on new allied units
Difficulty setting now displays U.S. ranks
Mission briefing for the very first mission of an Allied Corps campaign
First map is rather small
Destroying Italian convoy and supply tents
Triumph screen
Clearing enemy trenches
Assault on the Italian fleet
Swordfish torpedo bombers are only good for sinking enemy ships
New units become available over time
Multi-type unit info
Unit deployment phase
Tactical bombers are deadly for enemy tanks
Defending Crete
Operation Crusader
Rommel has fortified his position in the west
El Alamein
Heroes and medals
Some tanks are just made for clearing the mine field
Tactical map of Tunisia, U.S. and British joint attack force driving last German and Italian forces from Africa
Invasion of Sicily
Moving a fighter plane to attack German infantry
Campaign scenario branching
List of British tanks
U.S. tanks purchase screen
Operation Cobra
Unit's heroes and awarded medals
Pays to bombard enemy unit before attacking it to reduce its retaliation capability
Operation Market Garden
Battle of the Bulge tactical map
Battle of the Bulge
Germany's last line of defense
Berlin West

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  • Panzer Corps: Allied Corps Screenshot
  • Panzer Corps: Allied Corps Screenshot
  • Panzer Corps: Allied Corps Screenshot
  • Panzer Corps: Allied Corps Screenshot