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Panzer Elite Ad Blurbs (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in PC Games, January 2000 (German):

    ...nicht alles steht im Reiseführer!

    Wo Zivilisten nur ein malerisches Dörfchen sehen, fürchten Panzer-Kommandanten Todesfallen.

    Zweiter Weltkrieg. Beliebte Ferienorte von heute sind die Schlachtfelder von gestern: Nord-Afrika, Sizilien, Italien oder die Normandie. Aber Achtung: Auf dem Programm steht Fright-Seeing statt Sight-Seeing! An authentischen Kriegsschauplätzen mußt du 80 unterschiedliche Missionen erfüllen. Das erfordert strategisches Geschick, Führungsqualitäten und den Führerschein Klasse 2 - die Eigenheiten von 25 unterschiedlichen Panzermodellen dürfen Dich nicht aus der Bahn werfen. Also, steig ein und kämpfe. Wahlweise auf deutscher oder amerikanischer seite.


    Die sicherste Orientierung ist dein Instinkt!

    "Die derzeit beste WK-2-Panzersimulation"
    (GameStar 10/99)

    Übernimm das Kommando über vier amerikanische oder drei deutsche Panzer

    Behaupte Dich in 80 authentischen Szenarien des 2. Weltkriegs

    Friß Stahl in 3 Spielmodi: Einzelmission, Kampagne oder Schnelleinstieg

    Gefechte mit bis zu acht Spielern im LAN oder Internet

    Detaillierte, interaktive 3D-Umgebung. Zerstörte Häuser, Brücken oder Bäume

    Bis zu 23 verschiedene Panzermodelle spielbar

    Contributed by Xoleras (66712) on Dec 11, 2004.

Press Release:

    FOSTER CITY, CA – September 24, 1998 – Panzer Elite’, Psygnosis’ new World War II tank simulation game, is poised to take the high ground as the most realistic tactical armored war game yet seen for PC CD-ROM. With highly accurate tank models, incredibly detailed 3D landscapes and realistic action based on historical WWII battles across North Africa, Italy and Normandy, Panzer Elite puts you in command of tank platoons for either American or German forces between 1942 and 1944. Slated for release in Q1 1999, Panzer Elite more accurately portrays tank warfare than any tank simulation to date.

    Extensive Research Imbues Game With Realism

    Germany-based Wings Simulations developed Panzer Elite in conjunction with Psygnosis. The development team conducted extensive research on the tanks, weaponry and even the combat doctrines of each side of the conflict. They obtained source material from the Panzer Museum in Germany, studied original tank blueprints and manuals, viewed newly discovered film footage, and even interviewed surviving panzer troop members. The resulting game offers the most realistic take on tank warfare to date, with a huge collection of visually and operationally authentic tanks and game environments are so detailed and dynamic that true tactical maneuvers can be realistically employed."We’ve made every effort to create a thoroughly realistic tank sim," said Teut Weidemann, Managing Director for Wings Simulations. "We’ve tried to think of every detail, from measuring the size of actual Panzer viewports to creating totally realistic and dynamic fields of battle. All the strengths and weaknesses that these machines had in World War II, the player will experience in Panzer Elite."

    Psygnosis Panzer Elite Brings New Realism to Tactical Armored Warfare

    In Panzer Elite, you have the chance to operate 22 different tanks with many other support vehicles such as half-trucks and jeeps active in your mission. Tanks on the German side include the Panzer IIIH, Panzer IIIJ, Panzer IIIN, Panzer IVE, Panzer IVF2, Panzer IVH, Panther D, Panther A, Panther G, and Warfare early and late model Tigers.

    The American tanks include the M4 Sherman, M4A1 Sherman, M4A3 Sherman, M4A3 (76)w Sherman, M4A3E2 (late) Sherman, M4A1 (76)w Sherman, M4A3E8 Sherman and the M10.

    All the tanks are carefully modeled, featuring even small details such as wheel suspension and cannon recoil. Both exteriors and interiors are rendered with precision and appear as they did on the actual tanks. The models on each tank are not just for looks – they are also used in combination with projectile physics to accurately determine damaged systems and/or crew injuries. The game’s engine also generates highly realistic, interactive environments.

    Landscapes have an incredible level of detail, with woods constructed of individual trees that can be plowed down or used for cover and distinct villages and buildings with various destruction levels. The tanks move through terrain – from forests to villages to deserts – in a correct physical manner taking all historical vehicle performances into account. Unlike previous games of this genre, this level of detail allows for true tactical use of the hull-down and turret-down positioning as well as platoon formations.

    Game Modes Determine Depth of Gameplay

    Panzer Elite has three game modes, each one offering a different style of gameplay. Instant Action lets you push a button in the first menu to get a quick taste of the impending battle. Single Mission lets you engage in an individual scenario using the game’s features to their fullest extent. In the third mode, Full Campaign, you lead your platoon through a series of linked battles while managing resources like personnel, tanks, weapons and ammunition.

    There are three campaigns in the game, which portray a short, medium and longer series of battles. The range of missions include scouting, protecting truck convoys, defending villages, attacking behind enemy lines, searching and rescuing missing units, and "Hunt the Tiger" (a nearly impenetrable German tank).

    80 Missions Convey the Full Scope of Battle

    Panzer Elite features 80 missions; each designed to represent a different side, location and / or battle strategy. Missions often have multiple steps such as,

    1) Locate and destroy the anti-aircraft guns mounted on the German Tigers and then,

    2) Call for air support to destroy them.

    Meanwhile, in the same mission you may come up against Pumas (light scout vehicles), Panzer IVs (medium tanks), half-trucks, infantry and anti-tank guns. As scenarios progress, you acquire more skill, your platoon gets more experience and better tanks – and missions get tougher. Like in real war, survival is paramount. By keeping your crew alive, you’re giving them more experience and proficiency, thereby improving your chance of success.

    In an effort to ease the steep learning curve inherent in campaign games, especially for casual gamers, you have the option to call on your Adjutant. He’ll provide you with strategies, tactics and hints for each mission, and will even manage supply and maintenance for the platoon if you wish. A Realism Panel also accommodates the distinct needs of novice and hard core players with scalable realism settings that allow difficulty to be adjusted.

    Choose Your Weapon: Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick

    Panzer Elite offers a wide range of peripheral support and an intuitive and comprehensive interface. The game fully supports any combination of mouse, keyboard and joystick, and the casual player especially will appreciate Tank Mouse, a mouse interface that allows access to all necessary basic game functions. Reconfigurable keyboard commands are mapped according to the typical player’s habits, and Panzer Elite supports numerous specialized joysticks.

    The game’s new, proprietary 3D engine is flexible in its speed and resolutions. Upwardly scalable in performance, the engine can take advantage of sophisticated systems without losing gameplay quality in lower end systems.

    Optimum and Minimum Tech Specs

    Minimum specs are a P166, 32 MB RAM and a 2MB graphics card. The game is optimized for high-spec machines and second generation 3D accelerator cards through D3D. Peripheral support includes any combination of mouse, keyboard and joystick and the Microsoft SideWinder Pro is supported. The game

    also supports Force Feedback devices through Direct Input. You can play against the computer or with multiple players (the number depends on network performance) over an IPX or TCP/IP network.

    Information on the game can be found on Psygnosis new Panzer Elite website located at

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    Contributed by skl (1138) on Feb 13, 2004.