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Panzer Elite Credits (Windows)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Panzer Elite Credits

Wings Simulations Team

ProducerTeut Weidemann
Lead DesignerTeut Weidemann
Lead ProgrammerHeiko Schröder
3D EngineHeiko Schröder
AI‑programmingMarkus Oberrauter
Direct3D supportMarkus Oberrauter
Front EndChristian Rogge
Campaign systemChristian Rogge
Multiplayer and InstallationMarkus Oberrauter, Jörg Meister, Christian Rogge
Lead ArtistEric Cochonneau
High Resolution Camp ScreensEric Cochonneau
Cockpit ArtCelal Kandemiroglu, Eric Cochonneau
High Detail TanksREM Infografica, Bastian Hoppe, Andreas Escher
In Game VehiclesAndreas Escher
In Game ObjectsEric Cochonneau, Dirk Dobbert
Additional Art byBone Buddrus, Joachim Walther, Marco Krichel
Lead ResearcherMatthias Siedlaczek
Lead Scenario DesignerMatthias Siedlaczek, Research4Games
Scenario DesignHartwig Nieder-Gassel, Frank Lenzer, Thomas Brendel
Additional Landscape DesignHolger Holder, Bastian Hoppe
Lead TestersMichael J. McConnell, Holger Netthoefel, Fion Kelly, Peter von Kleinsmid, David Buell, Glenn Lee
Modifications and Patch 1.08, 1.1 ProgrammingLars Llenort, Eric Llenort
Special MP TestingMichael J. McConnell
Additional TestingJames Cobb, John Sponauer, Jamie Waters, Ian Campbell, Mike Dunn, Jamie Fullerton, Rainer Rhode, John Waters, Jim Taylor, Scott Kiefer, Steven Hartzell, Tom Cofield, Rolf-K Johansen, Peter von Kleinsmid
Sound ProducerNick Schreger
Sound Effects & Voice Over EngineeringDetlev Piepke (Audioworks Studios Münster)
MasteringStefan Hollekamp (Sassec Inc. Multimedia Production)
Technical AssistantSebastian Maul, Steffen Lilie
ScriptsSarah D'Esposito
SoundFX SamplingNick Schreger
SpeakersThomas Bohrer, Errol T. Harewood, Stefan Burghoff, Nico Schürhoff, Joseph Bilotti, Nick Schreger, Dieter Gerding, Scott Taney, Tim Doherty, Lawrence Powell, Ian Taub, Christopher DeLaurenti
Manual byChris Keeling (U.S. Military Intelligence)
Additional Manual editingScott Kiefer
German Manual TranslationHartwig Nieder-Gassel
German Manual EditiingHorst Weidemann
In co‑opertaion withPanzer Museum Munster Germany, Patton Museum - Kentucky USA
Historical Maps provided byGeocenter Stuttgart ILH Germany, Bundesarchive Freiburg Germany
Historical Photographs provided byBibliothek für Zeitgeschichte - Stuttgart
Thanks toChris Keeling (for research support), Members of www.Tankers.Net - for their support, Tim Orosz (for pointing us to the Patton Museum), Herr Thiel - Panzer Museum, Feldwebel Guddat - Panzer Museum, Charles Lemons (at the Patton Museum for his support), for their support, for their support, Marc Dulz (for the metal Tiger tank), Teut - Thanx to MiM - you know who you are, Markus - Thanx to Diana for her patience, Christian - Starcraft rocks!, Eric ‑ Bah Mja rules, ITN Archive - Archive footage

Ex Publishing Team

ProducerJohn Meegan
Producer Mastering PhaseLeo Cubbin
Product Manager UKClaire Garvie, Clemens Wangerin
Product Manager USDouglas Sherman
Public Relations USDana Oertell
Product Manager GermanyIngo Zaborowski
Public Relations GermanyMichael Paul
3rd Party ManagerVanessa Wood
Software Ops AssistantJennifer Rees
FMV SpeakerTom Hill
FMV Sound EngineerMark Jones, Michael de Belle
FMV EditorJeff Culshaw
Lead TesterLaurence Cooney
QADavid Parkinson, Gareth Spencer, Sean Stephen, Ian Turnbull, Richard Grannell
Tech TestPeter Walton, Chris Grannell, Matt Green, Joe Grant

JoWooD Productions Software AG

PublishingReiner Machauer
International ProductionFritz Neuhofer
MarketingGeorg T. Klotzberg
Product ManagementManfred Albrecht
Graphic & ArtworksSabine Schmid, Peter Bardeck

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69258), formercontrib (158987) and Xoleras (66712)