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Print advertisement - PC Player 10/1999:

    Die Mutter aller SCHLACHTEN: jetzt in 3D

    • Kämpfen auf Seiten der Alliierten oder der Achsenmächte

    • 8 Kampagnen an der Westfront, davon 5 aus der Perspektive der Alliierten

    • Über 45 Einheiten, Offiziere mit individuellem Führungsstil und hunderten von Einheiten in 3-D Grafik

    • Echte 3D-Engine mit dreh- und zoombarer Kamera

    • Teile Deinen Befehlshabern die passenden Truppenteile für bestimmte Schauplätze zu

    • Multi-Player-Modus für 4 Spieler

    Erlebe Panzerschlachten so hautnah wie bei keinem anderen Strategiespiel. Führe Deine Armeen über ein brandneues 3D-Schlachtfeld: Panzer explodieren, Wälder brennen und Städte können zerstört werden. Panzer General IV Western Assault hat ein ganz neues, einfaches und packendes Spielprinzip.Allein Dein strategisches Können entscheidet über das Schicksal Deiner Truppen!

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Press Release:

    Newest Version of Military Strategy Hit Goes 3D, Now Available In Stores

    NOVATO, CA - (September 28, 1999) - 5 years ago, SSI redefined the way many people looked at and played military strategy games. The notion that a military strategy game had to be "hard" and "boring" was turned completely upside down with the release of Panzer General and Panzer General II in 1997. The commercial success of this franchise brought military strategy gaming into the mainstream, and was the first "crossover" hit for the genre. Now, Mindscape plans for its third attack on gaming beachheads as Panzer General 3D Assault ships to retailers nationwide today at an estimated street price of $39.99.

    "Panzer General is without a doubt the flagship of the SSI product line," says Dan Cermak, Senior Vice President of Product Development. "This is a truly a groundbreaking title in the military strategy genre, and we're confident that Panzer General 3D Assault will serve to reinforce the notion that a military strategy game can indeed be enjoyed by the masses."

    Panzer General 3D Assault charts new territory for military strategy games; it's the first of its kind to be done in a three-dimensional environment, without compromising the depth and playability of its predecessors. In this environment, forests burn during combat, cities and airfields can be destroyed, and units smoke and burn with damage. Additional features include a freely rotating camera and map, as well as a simplified and more intuitive interface.

    Besides making the leap into 3D, Panzer General 3D Assault also features a new combat system which truly puts the "General" in Panzer General. The combat system now emphasizes leader management instead of unit management. Players can promote, dismiss or reassign their commanders in order to maximize their forces. As leaders gain experience and are promoted, they acquire more actions per turn and can perform more effectively. In addition to standard orders, leaders acquire and command up to 40 "veteran" orders, allowing them to launch all-out attacks, dive-bomb enemy positions and attack with greater accuracy.

    Players can fight as the American, British German or French forces, choosing one of 8 different campaigns on the Western Front during World War II, including North Africa. 10 areas of operation provide a variety of terrain and mission objectives. A new headquarters interface allows players to customize their armies to fit the upcoming battle. In addition to two-player combat via modem, Panzer General 3D Assault also supports up to four players via LAN. For more information on Panzer General 3D Assault and to download a free demo, visit the website at

    About Mindscape Entertainment

    Mindscape, part of the Home and Games unit of Mattel Interactive, a division of Mattel, Inc. (NYSE: MAT) publishes a variety of entertainment software products under the SSI, Red Orb, and Mindscape brands, including Myst, Chessmaster, Prince of Persia 3D, Panzer General 3D Assault, and Creatures. For more information on Mindscape products, please visit the website at

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