Panzer General 3D Assault Credits


Executive ProducerDaniel Cermak
ProducerRick E. White
Lead ProgrammingPaul Naylor
3D / Graphics ProgrammingCarl Bevil
AI ProgrammingPaul Murray
Additional ProgrammingRussell Brown, Mike Marr, Bruce Sherrod, Philip Wang
Install ProgrammingBrian Fitz
NetImmerse byNumerical Design Ltd.
Art DirectorJacques Hennequet
Lead ArtistGennady Krakovsky
Graphics / ArtworkGrisha Grigoriev, David Jensen, Charles Moon, Ken J. Shibata
Additional Graphics / ArtworkJeremy Campbell, Michael Rugg, Stephen Tang, Keyframe Digital Productions
3D ModelsViewpoint Datalabs, REM Infografica
Lead Campaign & Scenario DesignChris Carr
Campaign & Scenario DesignMichael Hawkins
Other Scenario DesignMichael Bennighof, Brian Knipple
Multimedia ProductionMario Alves, Maurice Jackson, Stephen Lam
MusicKevin Manthei, KMM Productions
Additional MusicAPM
Voice‑over DirectionReed Evans
Acting / VoiceoversDavid Fleminger, Norman Macleod
Production AssistantRichard Wagenet
Product Test ManagerJeff Franks
Lead TesterShane Fenton, Dustin Hendricks
TesterBobby Budde, Billy Burns, Hank Butler, Andrew Cermak, Matt Garman, Aaron Gregoire, Jason Hall, Jessica Jones, Tony Lima, Kevin Ramos, Mark A. Wagman, Brian Yager
Manual AuthorMark Whisler
WebmasterKerry Brantner
Additional F&E SupportAaron Addleman, David Feldman, Jan Lindner, Steven G. Peterson, Ray Scully
Localisation ManagerJudith Lucero
LocalisationHiromi Okamoto
Vice PresidentCharles J. Kroegel Jr.
Senior Vice President MarketingCaryn Mical
Marketing ManagerTena Lawry
Public Relations LeadKaren Conroe
Additional Public Relations SupportMichael Shelling
LegalDouglas Reilly
Legal SupportSarah Taylor, Andrea Akmenkalns, Susan Sulc
Manual Design & LayoutLouis Saekow Design
German Manual Layout
Special Thanks toJoel Billings, George Chastain Jr., Jon Kromery, Rick Marazzani, Debbie Minardi, Steve Murphy, Alan Wasserman, Salvatore Vasta, The authors of the ZLIB-Compression Library

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Credits for this game were contributed by William Shawn McDonie (1182) and formercontrib (159455)