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Atari Fossil

Panzer General II Credits

98 people (67 developers, 31 thanks)


Game DesignSSI Special Projects Group
Lead ProgrammingRussell Brown
Additional ProgrammingPaul Murray
Music / Sound ProgrammingRalph Thomas
Graphics / ArtworkGrisha Grigoriev, Ken J. Shibata, Gennady Krakovsky, Ronald Kee, Michael Rugg, David Ryan Paul, Stephen Tang
Additional Graphics / ArtworkDavid Jensen
MusicKevin Manthei, Steven Methy
Bagpipes Music from the Scottish HighlandsEric Rigler
DocumentationAnathea Lopez, Aaron Scheiber, Mark Whisler
Executive ProducerDaniel Cermak
ProducerScott Evans
Associate ProducerRick Martinez
PlaytestingShiloh Anacleto, Bob Budde, George Chastain Jr., John Cloud, Colin Coburn, Ben Fuller, Sean Gallagher, Charles Harribey, Luke LaJoie, Tony Lima, Ernest McCay, Paul O'Brien, Steven G. Peterson, Nile Sabbagh, Mark Schmidt, Christopher Smith
Acting / VoiceoversJohn Burton, Rex Delgado, Gary Martinez, Mordecai O'Brien, Charles Paris, John Rainer
Data ManagementCaron White
Special Thanks toMichael Bench, Bret Berry, Richard Burnett, J. M. Byrd, Chris Carr, Glen A. Cureton, Jean Davison, Allan Ernat, Annette Grove, Charles J. Kroegel Jr., Whitney Laucher, Debbie Minardi, Miki Morris, Louis Peña, Frank Rios, Laura Root, Greg Scott, Sandra Shepard, Richard Wagenet, The Rumba Bums, John Robert Ross (Crawdaddy), The Unknown Modeler
Manager of Visual ArtSteve Burke
Lead ScripterMichael Hawkins
ScriptingMichael Bennighof, Brian Knipple
Audio EngineersStephen Lam, Lance Page
Media EngineersLee Crawford, Maurice Jackson
Voice DirectionReed Evans
Lead Product TesterJohn Cloud
QA ManagerSean Decker
Test SupervisorJason Ray
ModelingDave Balderrama, Dave Conneau, Thomas Foss, Terry Matheny, James Roeder, Eric Roth, Burt Takeuchi
Model PhotographyGregory Steil
Models provided by GHQGHQ
Graphic Design and DTPLouis Saekow Design, David Boudreau, Leedara Zola
Special Thanks (SSI Club)Wolfgang Blum, Ford Ellis, Mark Evans, Michael Kroon, Bruce Mickelson, Keith J. Morton, Ix Nichols, Kurt Pernice, David R. Sullivan

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sean Decker (5), faceless (445), formercontrib (157961) and Xoleras (66357)

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