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Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri's Druuna: Morbus Gravis Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Druuna's body lies comatose in the opening video.
This console will be your interface with Druuna's brain.
The main screen allows you to monitor brain functions and recover memories.
Some of the cut-scene and FMV graphics are nice...
... but the in-game models leave much to be desired.
Inventory items are carried in Druuna's waist pack.
Poor controls and inexcusable lag will make jumping over this gap a monumental challenge.
The red blob on the wall is Druuna's boyfriend Schastar (don't ask).
This screen will allow you to enter cheat codes at the rate of one letter every 10 seconds...
...but not even the nude cheat can save these graphics.
Druuna demonstrates what you should have done with the time you spent playing her "game"
In labyrinth
Visions of guardians tells that Druuna's mind returns to her body after unsuccessful actions
Diving in water
Water snake is starting to attack from behind
Meeting the radioactive man
Acquiring the precious artifact
Jumping over the hazardous liquid
People out of mind are trying to capture Druuna for certain reasons
Walking through the hole
Climbing in the tunnel
Encountering the dwarf
Druuna near the bloody wall
This woman is strange
Mutant attacks the soldier
Meeting the soldier
Talking with almost dead patient
Interacting with mechanical toy
In the bedroom
Bishop's body is controlled by mutant tentacles
Exchanging the items with pawn shop owner
Shastar was healed for a time, but he is almost controlled by mutant already possessing his hand
Seeing the real body of guardians
Visiting the lab of bounty hunter
Bounty hunter wants Druuna's body parts
Beware two-headed mutant
Entering the forbidden cubic facility
In corridors of facility
Running from cyborgs
Reaching the only hope