Passage: Path of Betrayal Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Start screen
Choose to save, load or continue playing
Start of Chapter 1
Talking to the innkeeper and bartender at the village inn
An example of the vibrant colors. This also shows how the directional arrows look.
You can look at all inventory items close-up and even interact with some
This book, like others you find, is important to a puzzle
Yes, you can die in this game! But notice the "Retry" button.
This screen shows the Menu Bar that appears when you click on a person or thing
When something important happens, this text box advances the story onto the next stage
There are no voices. All of the story is written in text. The music evokes the mood.
Getting inside this hunter's cabin might be a little tricky!
An example of how conversations take place in Passage
A castle reminiscent of the early Kings Quest games
Inside the castle gate - finally!
This library book helps to solve a puzzle
The village of Arkane
This merry little garden holds some important items for Riff's quest