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Pathologic Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main game screen
Character selection screen
Game start: Playing as the "Bachelor"
The Executor and the Tragedian... Two strange characters who definitely know more than they're telling you.
The Executor
Your character automatically makes notes on the map s/he is carrying.
Vladimir Olgimskiy, who runs the local abattoir, and has some questionable moral standards. Nice taste in paintings, though.
Outside the Cathedral
Dr. Rubin, one of the town's few medical practitioners, in his workshop.
Night falls in the doomed town.
On a bridge over one of the town's rivers
Sorry! Didn't mean to sneak up on you like that!
Residence of Simon Kain, the central figure in the little community
The railway
Outskirts of the Abattoir
Trading items with a kid on the street
Talking with the head of the Saburov clan
Gunslinger in a lonesome town
The Theater
Anna Angel. Does she have something to hide?
As the disease takes hold on the town, the air turns sickly, buildings become encrusted with filth and desperate figures roam the streets.
A strange gathering.
A little entertainment at the local pub.
"I have come for your soul, midget."
You can enter evacuated houses and steal any items you find there. Of course, others have the same idea. This is the result of my encounter with a marauder...
When the situation in the town gets too bad, the army is called in. This is General Blok, standing in his impromptu 'war room' (previously the post office).
An army checkpoint, set up on a street corner. Soldiers will shoot anyone who looks 'diseased' and the flamethrower-toting 'disinfectionists' are always ready to make a barbeque.
A couple of sand plague sufferers on the receiving end of military justice!
The citizens have many fine works of art on display in their homes. The paintings aren't just decorative; they can hint at aspects of their owner's character... or perhaps their desires.
It's no use trying to rob shops. The shopkeepers show absolutely no fear when you point a gun at them.
Playing as Burakh and meeting with Dankowky, one of the other two characters you have the choice of playing as.
The stats screen lets you keep track of all your vital functions. Right now, I'm pretty hungry but at least I don't have the plague!