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Some members of the development team lent their faces to the game's characters. Artemiy Burakh is portrayed by Ice-Pick Lodge studio head Nikolay Dybowski.

German voice actors

In the German release, the three main characters are voiced by the actors who dub Jude Law, Uma Thurman, and Andy Garcia in German versions of many American films.


The pistol in the game is the Webley-Fosbery Self-Cocking Automatic Revolver, a British weapon produced from 1901 to 1915. It is easily recognizable thanks to the distinctive zig-zag grooves on the cylinder.

Russian to English translations

  • The game's original Russian title is Mor: Utopia; while the second part is self-explanatory, the first word means Plague. A couple of things remain untranslated in the English version of Pathologic.
  • In the graveyard, just behind Laska's place, there is a prominent gravestone with an inscription in Russian. It reads:
    "Here Farhad lies,
    the most stubborn one of the architects.
    We built this tombstone on the perfect foundation.
    From inconsolable guild brothers,
    P. & A. Stamatin."
  • If you fail to achieve your objective by the end of the first day, you will see a 'death' video with Russian voiceover. The voice is saying:
    "We placed our hopes on him, but he failed to get ready for the meeting. The Hair Eater, the Bone Spirit, Shabnak stole up to him, touched him and turned his blood into poisoned tar. Having eaten the body, it got into the heart of the steppe, reached the intearior waters, and the plague swallowed these lands up."

Version differences

  • In the original Russian release, the teenage children you meet in the streets can be killed and will fight back if threatened. In the European release, they are invulnerable and will run away, instead of attacking.
  • Changes have also been made to some of the game's missions. For instance, the midget you meet (and can kill) on Day 1 of Burakh's story was a teenage boy in the Russian version. These changes are due to the European rating system. Other games it has affected include Fallout and Silent Hill, both of which had children removed from the Euro versions.
  • The original Russian version featured over 1.200 pages of text, while the English one has only around 720.
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