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Patrician II: Quest for Power Credits

78 people (71 developers, 7 thanks)


Project LeaderDaniel Dumont
3D ModellingJörg Laurien
3D / Graphics ProgrammingStephan Hoffmann, Patrick Schumacher, Marco Zeugner
AnimationMarco Zeugner
Graphics / ArtworkAnca Adelina
ProgrammingMichael Guthe, Bernd Ludewig, Stefan Radermacher
Art DirectorChristoph Werner

Ascaron Software

ConceptDaniel Dumont, Bernd Ludewig
Based upon, The Patrician released 1991
Programming LeadBernd Ludewig
Isometric EngineMartin Mayer
InterfaceMatthias Schiller
Sea BattlesMichael Guthe
Graphics LeadChristoph Werner
3D GraphicsJörg Laurien, Patrick Lubbers, Patrick Schumacher
Layout and IllustrationsMonika Krawinkel
Animation and 3D GraphicsMarco Zeugner
City Design and IllustrationsAnca Finta
Music and CompositionYanco
Effects and MixingDag Winderlich, Henrik Hobein
Tutorial VoiceAndreas Fiebig
Intro Voice RecordingsM&S Music
Lead TesterJörg Beilschmidt
TestersAdrian von Pokrziwnitzki, Marcel André Schalamon, Mario Endlich, Markus Reiser, Oliver Nemet, Roman Grow, Sascha Bobrowski
EngineBastian Rolf
2D ToolsUlf Winkelmann
InstallationJordan Russell, Fabian Winkler, Michael Glück, Nils Widmer, Ralf Rüdiger, Tim Plöger, Stefan Radermacher
Intro The Light Works
CutscenesDaniel Lieske, Guido Neumann, Sebastian Cosor, Stephan Hoffmann
Special Effects (Graphics)Mark Külker
Project ManagerDaniel Dumont
ProducerHolger Flöttmann
Marketing DirectorBernd Almstedt
Product ManagerRalph Frefat
Manual TextsThomas Schmidt
Manual Historical TextsClaus Fritzenkötter
Manual Layout & CorrectionChristiane Pfeifer
Interactive ManualCarsten Woithe
TranslationDominik Jain
Package DesignChristiane Pfeifer, Christoph Werner
Special Thanks toRainer Decker (Dr.), Michael Bhatty, Björn Lileike, Gerald Köhler, Raphael Dumont, The visitors of the P2-forum for their stamina, The many Alpha and Beta testers
Uses Miles Sound System byRAD Game Tools Inc.
MPEG Layer-3 playback supplied with the Miles Sound System fromRAD Game Tools Inc.
MPEG Layer-3 audio compression technology licensed byFraunhofer IIS, THOMSON multimedia

Strategy First

PresidentDon McFatridge
Senior V.P.Brian Clarke
V.P. Business DevelopmentSteve Wall
V.P. Product DevelopmentRichard Therrien
V.P. SystemsDave Hill
Director of Product DevelopmentJames McNeely
Executive ProducerPaul Thibault
QA ManagerPhilip DeRosa
Product ManagerAdam Phillips
Marketing ManagerSteven Milburn
PR ManagerChristina Ginger
PR AssociatesKelly Ekins, Michèle Fortier
Packaging and DesignKenneth Green, Philippe Brindamour
Web DesignSerge Mongeau
DistributionInfogrames Inc.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Stillman (7620), formercontrib (158556) and Rantanplan (1824)