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Peacemaker: Protect, Search & Destroy Credits

29 people


Presented byKuju Entertainment
A Production byJinxter
Design byColin Chung (Lead Designer), Steven Masters
ArtbyAdonis Stevenson (Lead Artist), Mark Davies, Colin Chung
Programming byTim Dinsdale (Lead Programmer), Jamie Booker, Graham Parker
Interface byRhona Robson
Sound byPaul James
Music byDIP Recordings
Technical Services byGabriella Diffley
ProducerCarl Jones
Executive ProducerKevin Holloway
DirectorAdonis Stevenson
Support WorkRichard Mackie, Glynn Scragg, Richard Collins (credited as Richard 'Mad Dog' Collins)
Character VoicesSteven Masters (credited as Steve Masters), Adonis Stevenson, George Grimshaw, Chris Roberts, Carl Jones, Gabriella Diffley
Terrain SystemStephen Birch
Engine DevelopmentSimon Anthony, Julian Davis (credited as Jules Davis), Robin Bryce, Simon Clay, Ed Daly
Quality Assurance TeamGraham Dickson, Daniel Barnett
Development DirectorKevin Holloway
Music was written and produced byMik Cree (including the tracks 'Hoon it' 'Stalkinawasp' and the single 'Kick it to my brain')

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (182282) and Kabushi (248938)