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Game Over Online (Jun 04, 2001)
There is no multiplayer component to the title nor is there a random mission generator or any way to effectively replay the title. Thus, this title seems to be aimed at the intended audience of the movie Pearl Harbor. Those interested in an extended and unrealistic battle sequence with lots of guns firing, airplanes blowing up (or in this case vaporizing) and ships billowing with smoke will definitely appreciate it. Beyond that though, they offer very little depth and this game won't offer nearly as much special effects. Both also require you to sit through the entire length of the title as the game has no save feature and to get through the length of the game is roughly equal to the time spent viewing the film, plus or minus the time needed to get popcorn.
GameZone (Jun 07, 2001)
The enemy fighters don’t even really attack the ship the player is on. Instead they focus primarily on the scattered battleships in the background environment. The first time I played through the game I advanced through level fourteen, and was number four on the high score list. The first seven levels were entertaining, because I was anticipating something more to happen. There didn’t even seem to be much difference in the environments. The title does offer a brief section on the history of the battle, but it covers a very limited amount of information. Nothing that a six o’clock news report couldn’t cover in a forty second spot. I’d have to say this one is geared toward the casual gamer, and not much more.
IGN (Jun 12, 2001)
In essence, Defend the Fleet isn't much more than a graphically sophisticated shooting gallery. There's no strategy, no multiplayer, and very little reason to keep playing after the third or fouth level. But, if you're looking for nothing more sophisticated than a good game that will keep your trigger finger happy, this will be just right for you. Otherwise, just go see the Pearl Harbor movie. You'll learn more, and you get to see that cute Ben Affleck.
GameStar (Germany) (Jul, 2001)
Das Ganze spielt sich genauso öde, wie es klingt. Die Angriffswellen variieren nur wenig – Langeweile regiert spätestens ab Level 2. Denn dann haben Sie bereits fast alles gesehen, Überraschungen gibt es nicht mehr. Lediglich die Hintergrundgrafik ändert sich nach dem neunten Spielabschnitt ein wenig. Pearl Harbor ist der dreiste Versuch, im Kielwasser des Kinostreifens die schnelle Mark zu machen – lassen Sie sich davon nicht neppen.
GameSpot (May 30, 2001)
What should be an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed experience grows outright dull in a hurry. It might be fun to blast away with your heavy guns for a few levels, but you'll feel too little tension and challenge to want to play long after that. The game is a cakewalk, and there are no difficulty levels to rectify that. The fact that the game bears a startling resemblance to WizardWorks' widely panned WWII shooting game BeachHead 2000 doesn't help its cause either. It's true that Pearl Harbor: Defend the Fleet makes no pretences to being anything other than a simplistic arcade action game, but it barely meets that low goal. Games like Defender and Missile Command offered more challenging and exciting gameplay along the same lines 20 years ago. Toss this one in the harbor.
Gamezilla (Jun 18, 2001)
I hope I’m not being too harsh, but I found it impossible to find anything I really enjoyed about the game. When I play video games I look for something that is going to challenge me and make me want to come back to my computer five minutes after I have turned it off. Pearl Harbor does none of these things! If you are looking for a mindless arcade style shooter then by all means go buy this game, but if you are looking for a bit more meat in your sandwich, look elsewhere. On that note I’ll give Pearl Harbor a score of 34/100. Enough said!!!!!