Pearl Harbor: Strike at Dawn Credits


3D ProgrammingIgor Bozhko
ProgrammingAndrey Yemelyanov, Sergey Serov
DesignJuri Pazinich
3D GraphicsJuri Pazinich, Design‑Studio CMS Inc, Valery Pushchal, Igor Pushchal, Nazar Solovey, Svetlana Nosenko, Alla Kuzmina, Irina Mazur, Irina Kilimnik
3D Graphics ‑ IntroductionAndrey Levitov
Consulting ExpertsMichael Kobets, Alexander Nikitin, Leonid Kilimnik
Game AIAndrey Yemelyanov
ScreenplayJuri Stern, Sergey Serov
MusicAnatoly Shuh
ManualIrene Goncharenko
Project ManagerMichael Kobets
DirectorJuri Stern
3D TechnologyWhirlwind Iic

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