Pearl Harbor: Strike at Dawn Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

After an introductory video sequence the game comes to this, the main menu. All the controls are here. There's a good range of screen resolutions to choose from
After creating a player id, in this case Moby Gamer, The player gets to see the first mission. Planes are coming in from the south - stop them. Seems simple enough
Take-off is automatic. The player is not handed control until they are in the air
The enemy has been sighted. The gun-sight becomes available just before control is handed to the player
Now the player has control!
This is the same mission but using the full screen point of view
Even with the full screen view I didn't see what hit me!
Replaying the mission - this time in the default aircraft. There are several aircraft to choose from immediately and some that are locked out until later missions
Doing better this time. One bandit dead ahead
The red triangle in the red square gives the direction of the nearest enemy if they are not on-screen ...
... of course if they're in plain sight identification is easier
Mission completed - full screen view turned on again. The first wave has been defeated and that can only mean one thing ..
.. that's right, there's more on the way. This cut scene leads into the next fight which takes place over the sea.
The fight gets a bit heated even before control is handed over.
That was short & sweet!