Penumbra: Requiem Credits

Frictional Games

Lead ProgrammingThomas Grip
Additional ProgrammingLuis Rodero Morales, Edward Rudd
Lead GraphicsMarc Nicander
GraphicsAbyss Lights Studio, Anton Adamse
Lead SoundJens Nilsson
MusicMikko Tarmia
Level ScriptingJens Nilsson, Thomas Grip
Written byTom Jubert
Voice TalentsNancy C. Roberts (The Narrator), Bob Barnes (Eloff Carpenter), Michael Hillard (Red), Sam A. Mowry (Dr. Richard Eminiss), Lani Minella (Dr. Richard Eminiss), Bram Floria (Philip)
Special Thanks toNewton Game Dynamics, Angel Code, Near and dear for all support
Beta TestingDavid Rosen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Poster Paster (69)