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People's General Credits

62 people


Lead ProgrammerPaul Murray
Additional ProgrammerRussell Brown, Philip Wang
Lead ArtistDavid Jensen
Executive ProducerDaniel Cermak
ProducerRick E. White
Additional ProducerRick Martinez
Associate ProducerSean Decker
Addtional Associate ProducerSteve Murphy
Game DesignSSI Special Products Group
ArtistsMike Filippoff, Grisha Grigoriev, Ken J. Shibata, Gennady Krakovsky
Additional ArtCharles Moon, Michael Rugg, Sarah Szundi
Manager of Visual ArtsJacques Hennequet
Lead ScripterMichael Hawkins
Additional ScriptingMichael Bennighof, Chris Carr
Manual Mark Whisler
Audio EngineerStephen Lam
Media EngineerMario Alves
SoundtrackKevin Manthei
Voice DirectionCharles de Vries
Voice TalentJames B. Dobbs, Steve Bulen, Dolly Madison
Data ManagerCaron White
Test SupervisorJeff Franks
Lead PlaytesterGeorge Chastain Jr.
Play TestersRichard Fielder, Cyrus G. Harris, Eric Johannessen, Jessica Jones, Trevalyan Markle, Ernest McCay, Jonah Rosestone, John Sullivan, Richard Wagenet, Dave Wallick, Sean Wyman, Jon Yamato
Beta Test CoordinatorCharles Harribey
SSI MarketingKaren Conroe, Brigham Hausman, Tena Lawry, Caryn Mical, Leslie Remer
ModelingBurt Takeuchi
Video ArchiveAir Force Ministry
Model PhotographyGregory Steil
Models supplied byGHQ
Graphic DesignDavid Boudreau, Jerrick McCullough, Leedara Zola, Steve Longdale
Creative ServicesMaria Fernandez, Justyna Cielecki
LocalisationPatrick Baroni, Chris Leilich

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ray Soderlund (3571) and formercontrib (158484)