Persian Wars Credits (Windows)

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Persian Wars Credits


producerJean-Martial Lefranc, Philippe Ulrich
Project managerMathias Briant

Game Design

Game designerFlorian Dhesse, Nicolas Favre, Alexia Lang, Patrick Receveur
integrationDragan Dajic, Christophe Monnerot


Lead programmerCyrille Linard
programmerMichel Minic, Maurice Pourny
network programmerMichel Minic, Maurice Pourny
A.I. programmerMaurice Pourny, Michel Minic
additional programmerStéphane Coutelas, Nicolas Lermusiaux, Sébastien Gervais


Artistic DirectorEddy Neveu
DesignerAngel Bautista
additional designerNicolas Hess
3D graphic designerJean Frechina, David Lecorvec, Eddy Neveu
additional 3D graphic designer Berenice Adda, Oury Atlan
additional 3D graphic designerErwan Baudet, Christophe Sentenat
AnimatorMaurice Changy, Jean Frechina, David Lecorvec, Antoine Tran
2D graphic designerEddy Neveu, Patrick Perret du Cray
3D artistKonstantin Firsov, Ilya Grishkov, Denis Fomin, Julia Tinyakova, Alexey Kruchinin
Vice-president of development, AkellaDmitry Arkhipov
Producer, AkellaIgor Goussarov


Original musicRobert Basarte
Sound studio designerFréderic Le Louet
Voice actorFettouma Bouamari, Ali Aissaoui, Nabil Massad, Soleiman Mouawad, Fatma Zohra Zamoun


Test managerJean-Luc Hadi
TesterRegis Lenoir, Sylvain Poully, Pascal Merckhoffer, Hugues Miraux, Gregory Courdavault, Olivier Bailly, Jean Claude Fernandes, Frédérick Gaudel


ConceptionPatrick Receveur


TranslatorFrédérique Faucher, Christophe Nguyen

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Credits for this game were contributed by cafeine (150)