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Phantasmagoria of Flower View Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Select a character.
Start of the game
An opponent's special attack
Sakuya vs Cirno
Knives attack
Fairies wave
Reimu's special
Reimu wins.
Standard touhou bullets
Talk before the fight
Music attack
Gauge filled
Bullet hell moment
Fight in a forest
Rabbit girl attacks!
Reimu vs Marisa - a deadly duel
Several explosions
Another special attack
Cute stars
Hello Sakuya!
Sakuya's special attack
Knives party
Reisen vs Youmu Konpaku
Effective danmaku
My special is pretty effective
Defence wave
Sakuya has little problem
And Sakuya uses knives now.
Medicine Melancholy - poisonus doll
Komachi Onozuka
Nice flower level
Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu
Ending 1
Reisen & Eirin
Reimu vs Yamaxanadu
Reimu's ending
Happy girls
Baka's duel
Mystia's special abilities is not so strong
Yuuka Kazami
Flowers everywhere!
Time to eat