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Photographs Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu.
Options menu is very minimalistic. Most interesting section is this one, related to the gameplay mode.
The game consists of the five stories set somewhere within the same world. Each begins with such a title. The Alchemist is the first one.
Each story begins with a very simple puzzle that aims to teach you basic mechanics of the section. Right here we need to lead Alchemist and Cleo to the marked spots, and they move simultaneously.
As you solve puzzle after puzzle, narrative goes on, explaining what's going on in general, using both detailed pictures with voiceover...
And slowly filling dioramas, where the stuff literally pops up in as the story progresses.
To trigger the next puzzle, you need to find the thing the game asks you for, and take its picture. Sometimes it's a very obscure hint. Also, it's the only thing connecting gameplay with the title.
Cute pixel art fills up the scene as the story goes, more and more detail popping in.
Puzzles are getting more difficult as well. Like these one-way gates being added.
Sooner or later, something bad happens...
It even changes the overall colouring of the scene, making it depressed looking.
Puzzles keep getting worse. This bush thing, for example, can be stepped onto only once. Then it blocks the way. Also a way to undo the moves is visible above the field.
An example of hint mode on. Question mark will show you the first few correct moves, and the >> sign will have you skip the level if you're stuck or just want to watch the narrative.
With commentary mode on, game director will chime in the crucial points of the game. While interesting, it's best to keep it offline until you've beaten it at least once.
As the level ends, a strange verse appears on your screen, a line added after each story.
The Athlete story. Here you need to aim the ball so it'd hit the girl's picture AND land in the pool afterwards. Sounds easy, right?
And at first it is easy.
The story is centered on the climb to the zenith of glory...
But it won't be an easy ride, with curved balls, bouncing pads and other stuff getting added as you go.
One of the few clues that every story happens on the same planet.
The Jailer story start. Very simple kind of puzzle - you need to fill the empty space with the blocks you're given.
His name is Atami, and he's very kind and peaceful...
Then the settlers come, and at first there's enough food and water for all of them to share.
And living together seems like a good idea...
Opening of The Journalist story. It starts a while back chronologically, but the puzzle mechanic is the same - connect the dots.
And build good vibes with these connections.
As the time goes on, the paper gets more and more prominent.
But challenges appear in the form of blood spots, erasers trying to get rid of your good vibes and other things. Also, I think the latest patch had the date of the paper buggered up.
The first puzzle of The Preventer story. It's a classic match-three-or-more one.
But with quirks. Here combining water and a leaf makes "Growth" synergy effect that floods the playing field with the said leaves.
Cozy tower of our preventers duo, from which they try to scry the future and stop the bad things from happening.
Of course, it gets more and more tough to do so.
Up to various teleports that more hinder than help your match-three process.
After each narrative is complete, its protagonist ends up in this weird room with a mirror. This is going to be the place where you'll decide the ending of the game.