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Pilgrim: Faith as a Weapon Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Page
Trying to solve the first riddle with the encyclopedia of the game.
A shopkeeper needs some help.
Simon finally arrives at the Toulouse Gate
Octavio lost his sword, I think I should find him a new one.
A old dying man, maybe he can help you !
It's very religious here...
I will have to use this *thing* if I want to get out of here.
Figure out how much a cask weighs by using a boat in the water
Choose 10 murals in order
The messenger is an angel
Simon finally finds Petrus!
Which pictures should be displayed on either side?
At last .. the Durandel Sword
The demon called Hades
Several times during the game, you'll get a pictoral recap of what you've learned.
Do you dare grab the glowing green bottle?
Become like a mouse in a maze
In Limbo with Hades
Playing chess. Your opponent is a demon!