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Pillars of Eternity Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Character creation
Intro sequence... looks familiar
Starting location, maximum dezoom
Starting location, maximum zoom
World map
In fights you can pause and activate skills. My tank will knockdown one of the ghosts while the barbarian is in rage mode (red health bar)
The party is engaged in a fight trying to avoid the already detected trap
Every RPG must have dungeons with rivers of blood on the floor. From where do they always get this blood from?
It is a Blood Pool! I better ask it what it is all about. In the interaction I cannot chose two of the options as neither the racial or skill level is sufficient
And looting weapons is also very nice. A new dagger for the rogue!
Looting a master key surely isn't a fault to approach further areas in the vault
In many dungeons "Memorials" can be found with entries from Kickstarter backers
Resting in inns (or your home castle) provides your party with different bonuses
Being a 'Watcher', you can discover the soul and history of many NPCs - on doing so, the screen becomes quite colorful
If you add NPCs found in the game (and not created by yourself), those have own quests and occasionally intercept interactions with own opinions
At some points, decisions can be made. Those are presented on drawn backgrounds
After your Stronghold is active, sometimes quests providing money or items can be taken. Those quests can be done with companions which are not currently in your party
There are several events in your Stronghold, from taxes, adventures, buildings or raids can happen and can be accessed in the Stronghold UI
Upgrading your Stronghold is expensive, but also takes time
For a better defense, you can also hire NPCs, which are then patrolling your Stronghold, but also cost upkeep
The character sheet also provides access to information about your reputation based on your decisions in quests and interactions. Maybe I should avoid visiting 'House Doemenel' in the next time...