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Pippa Funnell: The Stud Farm Inheritance Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

After the usual company logo screens the game loads to this menu screen.
This is the game's option screen. 1024 x 768 is the maximum resolution.
The training option allows for up to four players but the game itself is single player.
The start of a new game. There are two difficulty levels, Easy & Normal.
The game's title screen shows in a narrow window, cinema style, but the game does not play like this
Part of the introduction sequence is the letter that started it all.
This is the point where control is handed over to the player. All conversation is displayed in a semi transparent window like this. The top right shows Estelle's cash and popularity rating
Pippa Funnell makes her first appearance. Throughout the game Estelle will get instruction about what to do next via phone calls like this
If another character has a blue triangle over their head it means they can be spoken to. The more people Estelle speaks to the higher her popularity - important later in the game
The first meeting with the solicitor. he elaborates on these clauses in the next meeting
At the stud farm and the first meeting with Davy who runs it
Estelle's room. This shows Estelle's journal and Davy providing instruction in its use over the mobile.
Downstairs in the main house. A red triangle means the object cannot be interacted with yet
In the stables. A green triangle indicates an object can be interacted with. Here it's the stable door. The ???? is there because the horse has not been named yet
This is Estelle's first horse. The bar on the right shows all the grooming tasks that must be completed to progress. They are all marked with a red tag which turns green when they are completed
Brushing the horse clean. The bar on the left shows progress. All grooming is mouse controlled.
Cleaning the stones from the hooves. All four must be done and it is possible to hurt the horse so just waving the mouse aimlessly is not enough to complete the task.
Also in the stables there's an option to view the horses stats. The same screen is used when a horse has earns experience points and Estelle has to decide what to 'upgrade'
Training in the dressage arena. Estelle must ride the horse along the arrows at the correct pace. Successful completion gives the horse and Estelle experience points
The village of Appleton has a definite French feel. Estelle must come here to buy things and meet the solicitor and, of course, she comes on horseback.
This is the inventory screen. Estelle's just picked up a parcel from the post office
This is how Estelle buys things, in this a case food for the horse. The left/right arrows scroll through what's available
Estelles appearance can be altered by accessing the wardrobe in her room.
The second meeting with the solicitor in which he offers Estelle the choice of two courses to develop. Again the left / right arrows scroll through the choices on offer.
The start of the showjumping course. The panel at the top is used to determine if a jump can be made. The white window near the horse shows its jumping range
The fence is within the horses capability so the panel's edges turn green, it's a good jump.
As in dressage arrows on the ground indicate the correct path