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Gamers Daily News (Aug 25, 2011)
Pirates of Black Cove is my new favorite pirate game. I intend to play this to 100% completion (including all 1001 jokes). Buying this game is money well spent. Even at full price. So I hope you have fun on your quest for adventure and booty.
If you are interested in a mighty entertaining and colourful adventure, you should certainly take Pirates of Black Cove under consideration. Eye-patch and parrot not required.
So you have an RPG, an RTS, an adventure game and a comedic script. That's a lot of booty for one sea chest. As such, Pirates of Black Cove earns four GiN Gems, which we hope can fit alongside the many other rewards this game will likely earn.
Cheat Code Central (Aug 04, 2011)
If you love pirates and are craving a taste of RTS-type sea battles, Pirates of Black Cove may very well be your best option, if not your only option. And since there's a free gameplay demo available, there's really no reason to not hop onboard for at least a test drive.
Game Watcher (Aug 02, 2011)
For all its faults, Pirates of Black Cove is a very endearing game. Its playful nature, its colourful vision of a pirate-infested Caribbean, and it’s knowingly terrible jokes make it an inoffensive and pleasantly innocent experience Don’t bring me that horizon, because I quite like it here.
Overall this is a cute pirate adventure game with both real time strategy and role playing elements to it. The price tag is a reasonable $20 but bear in mind that there’s not much to do after you beat the game. To see if your system can handle this beast, I recommend checking out the demo before buying it. If you like pirates and don’t mind some cussing and juvenile humor, this game will be right up your alley.
70 (Aug 11, 2011)
All in all, Pirates of Black Cove is a rather fun endeavour. The role-playing aspects could use more depth, but the exploration and combat is extremely fun. The voice acting is great and the script is hilarious. Save for a few issues like slow moving units and the lack of a quick travel option, this is a game worth recommending for any would-be swashbuckler.
Destructoid (Aug 04, 2011)
If you are a big enough pirate fan and willing to overlook Pirates of Black Cove's faults in favor of its charm, there is enough fun to be had to make its budget price a barrrrgain. Should such pirate puns lead to haemorrhaging in your brain's language centers, however, then this might not be the game for you.
Game Over Online (Oct 03, 2011)
Overall, Pirates of Black Cove is a difficult game to recommend. It looks nice enough, and the voice acting is better -- and more prevalent -- than you might expect from a budget title, but everything else is second rate. Plus, the game gets seriously easy by the end (to the point where I just rolled over the Black Cove pirates when I finally got to them), and there isn't any way to change the difficulty other than to intentionally hamstring yourself by choosing weaker pirates or weaker ships. If you were hoping for a newer, snazzier version of Pirates! (or even Tropico 2: Pirate Cove), then Pirates of Black Cove is definitely the wrong game for you. But if you don't play many games, and if a casual pirate game sounds fun, then it might be worthwhile.
AusGamers (Aug 11, 2011)
The shame about Pirates of Black Cove is that it could have been great if the developers had just streamlined themselves.. A lot of effort has been put into making it nice and cheesy without being overbearing. Unfortunately, it just tries to do too much. If the developers had stuck to just sailing and ship-combat, Pirates would be a charming game. Unfortunately, it's only half of one.
Bit-Tech (Sep 04, 2011)
Pirates of the Black Cove tries to ape Sid Meiers' Pirates in a more accessible and light-hearted way, but it only succeeds in the most fundamental and obvious ways. The light-hearted tone and core features are fine, but the game as a whole suffers from a lack of balancing and subtlety, meaning it has very little appeal to mature gamers. Let down by the poor combat and the long, tedious segments on land, Pirates of the Black Cove struggles to stand out from the crowd.
Ironhammers (Aug 08, 2011)
While missions can be exceedingly difficult with the wrong ship, you soon learn the value of balancing between power and maneuverability as you are forced to dance around much larger enemies than yourself. I caught myself cheering my tiny boat of rag-tag warriors as I circled around three larger ships, pestering them with cannon-fire and forcing them into collisions until finally they all sunk, little speech bubbles crying out in comic anguish one last time. After my brief moment of elated victory, however, the now-still water seemed eerily vacant. These ships had no reason to bother me, I realized, but for the fact that I had been attacking their country’s ships to build up enough gold to continue with my mission. Pirates of the Black Cove is not a perfect game. Given its bug-ridden and repetitive gameplay, it may not even be a particularly good game. But in such moments, it was as savage and sincere as such a game could be.
PC Games (Germany) (Aug, 2011)
Piraten of Black Cove ist eine nette Pirstenparodie mit markanten Charakteren, Charme und gut gemeinten Gameplay-Ideen. Wie so oft darf man gut gemeint aber nicht mit gut verwechseln. Trotz all der typischen, hinlänglich bekannten Piratenklischees und der witzigen Einfälle macht PoBC vor allem eines nicht: Spaß. Dafür bieten alle relevanten Spielelemente zu wenig Tiefgang und sind obendrein unnötig sperrig und umständlich umgesetzt. Selbst die Erforschung der Karibik macht nur kurze Zeit Spaß. Dann verkommt das Schippern über die hübsche See und das Einsammeln diverser Gegenstände zur belanglosen, zeitraubenden Beschäftigungstherapie.
XGN (Aug 11, 2011)
Pirates of Black Cove heeft erg veel potentie, maar helaas zijn er te veel minpunten die de game tegenhouden een echte topper te worden. De avonturen op zee zijn leuk en soms zelfs spannend maar de gevechten aan wal zijn repetitief en niet goed uitgewerkt. Het spel crasht op willekeurige momenten en dat is al helemaal niet leuk wanneer je de hele tijd terug naar je basis moet varen om op te slaan. De charmevolle stijl en de humor maken, naast de gevarieerde zee-missies, heel wat goed maar het is dweilen met de kraan open. Ondanks de vele minpunten hopen we toch dat er een vervolg komt, want met dit potentieel moet wat gedaan worden!
55 (Aug 26, 2011)
Arrrrrrrrrrrr - besser gut geklaut als schlecht erfunden gilt anscheinend nicht für Freibeuter. Pirates of Black Cove bedient sich zwar unscheniert an Sid Meier's Pirates! kann aber die einzelnen Spielelemente nicht zu einem gelungen Ganzen zusammenfügen. Dabei bleiben die teilweise guten Ideen auf der Strecke, den einzelnen Aspekten fehlt es an jeglichem taktischen Tiefgang und das repetitive Gameplay langweilt schon nach wenigen Stunden. Lieber nochmals Sid Meier's Piraten-Klassiker oder zumindest das Remake von 2004 ausgraben, die machen viel mehr Spaß als dieser uninspirierter Aufguss.
IGN (Aug 16, 2011)
Aside from its uninspired combat and limited scope, Pirates of Black Cove is an endearing game at times. I wanted to love it, and kept diving back in hoping that something would click. It didn’t. The hokey character dialogue and D-list voice acting grew on me, and the vibrant vistas in the sprawling world map’s oceanic terrain are beautiful. It’s too bad so many other areas of the game sputter and flop like a beached whale. This pirating RTS adventure hints at depth and promise but just doesn’t deliver.
Hooked Gamers (Aug 10, 2011)
Pirates of Black Cove is definitely fun to play. Maybe it is simply the nostalgia in me, but sailing around the Caribbean again is a joy. But the issue of the game crashing so often is a concern. The poor AI and the deplorable unit path-finding on land dampen my enthusiasm for a game that could offer so much. The controls are simple and the interface is easy to navigate. The colours are vibrant and the music upbeat. The humorous approach to the dialogue also gives the game a nice touch. But, all in all, once you’ve completed the game, there’ll be little want to head back – that is if you even decide to start with it at all. With a huge patch being downloaded as I write this review, I’m hoping that some of the issues have been addressed. It may be an idea to wait until the bugs have been ironed out before putting your hard earned pieces-of-eight on the merchant's counter.
50 (Aug 11, 2011)
E' difficile pensare di poter assegnare un voto vicino alla sufficienza ad un prodotto chiaramente pensato per il giocatore casuale, che manca di qualsivoglia elemento di difficoltà, ma anche di caratterizzazione, e che si rivela ripetitivo perfino nelle due o tre musichette di accompagnamento ripetute all'infinito. Divertente e ironico, ma sempre allo stesso modo, per i primi istanti di gioco, alla lunga Pirates of Black Cove si rivela presto in tutta la sua incompletezza.
50 (Aug 26, 2011)
Pirátská hra s náznakem svobody, kterou však škrtí nepříliš dobrý příběh. Pár hodin vás bude bavit vylepšování lodě, námořní bitvy i rabování ostrovů, ale pak zábava zmizí pod hladinou, jako děravá plachetnice. Spíše než u staršího publika by Pirates of Black Cove mohla hodit kotvu u mladších ročníků.
GameTrailers (Aug 11, 2011)
Pirates of Black Cove isn't an awful game at its heart, particularly if you've always held a torch for Captain Hook and his ilk in the immortal pirates versus ninjas debate. It just never offers more than a middling gameplay experience for its price. That on its own might satisfy the casual freebooters, but when you couple that mediocrity with abysmal NPC pathing, inexplicable bouts of lag, and the game's tendency to crash at key moments, even they may find themselves tossing this one down in Davy Jones' locker for good.
Cheat Happens (Aug 27, 2011)
Pirates of Black Cove isn't a great Pirate game; hell it's not even a good game, it's a mildly entertaining but ultimately disappointing experience that's too filled with bugs to really enjoy. To the developer's credit, they've released a few patches since release that have fixed a number of the bugs, but we still found crashes and glitches. It's tough to recommend Pirates to anyone, since fans of the genre will be looking for more strategy and action fans will find the slow sections mind numbingly boring.
GameStar (Germany) (Aug 12, 2011)
Das Problem von Pirates of the Black Cove ist ein fundamentales: Die Entwickler haben schlicht das Spiel vergessen. Was nützen mir alle Upgrades, Schiffe, Rollenspiel-Elemente und Gegenstände, wenn jede Partie »Schiffe Versenken« anspruchsvoller ist als die Schlachten in diesem Piraten-Klamauk? Der schrullige Humor und die teils wunderbar trashige Atmosphäre kaschieren leider nur ein paar Stunden lang, dass sich meine Interaktivität auf ein absolutes Minimum beschränkt. Habe ich erst mal herausgefunden, dass nahezu keine meiner Handlungen irgendeine spürbare Relevanz besitzt, reißt auch der albernste Kalauer nix mehr raus.
40 (Aug 05, 2011)
Abgesehen von der mitunter ansehnlichen Kulisse, die zusammen mit der Musik immer wieder karibische Gefühle aufkommen lässt, muss man lange nach Gründen suchen, dieses unausgegorene Abenteuer in Angriff zu nehmen. Die Mischung aus Strategie und Rollenspiel (jeweils in einer Ultralight-Version) geht einfach nicht auf. Die Seekämpfe können wenigstens noch kurzfristig unterhalten, doch sobald es an Land geht, wird die Motivation kielgeholt. Schwache Wegfindung verbunden mit noch schwächerer KI und taktischem Tiefgang gegen Null gehend, machen aus den Landmissionen ein notwendiges Übel. Unterm Strich ein vollkommen fader Pirateneintopf.
40 (Aug 05, 2011)
Pirates of the Black Cove hatte die richtige Idee für ein kleines Pirates!-Ripoff und 20 Euro sind jetzt auch nicht die Welt, aber mit großer Drögheit zu See und Land ist jedermann jederzeit mit dem Original, beinahe egal in welcher Version, einfacher besser beraten. Billige Siege in allen Schlachten, eine furchtbare Steuerung und KI bei den Landmissionen, endlose Tuckerfahrten durch hübsche Langeweile. Der Charme ist da, jetzt muss noch das Spiel den Stand erreichen, den Pirates! 1987 hatte und es wird eine gelungene Kaperfahrt. In seiner jetzigen Form geht Pirates of the Black Cove aber über die Planke.
40 (Aug 12, 2011)
Det här är tyvärr inte något spel som är signerat Sid Meier, och det märks. Skulle spelet enbart ha varit en timme långt hade jag kunnat lämna det med ett någorlunda gott minne. Men nu verkar det dock som att någon på Nitro Games har blandat ihop manuset från filmen Måndag hela veckan med detta piratspels tankekarta, för det känns verkligen som om att jag spelar den första timmen om och om igen utan att komma någon stans.
Gry OnLine (Aug 30, 2011)
Pirates of Black Cove to kolejna szansa zapoznania się z korsarskimi realiami na karaibskich akwenach. Tym razem jednak rum jest wyjątkowo niesmaczny...
GameSpot (Aug 03, 2011)
Perhaps some gameplay depth could have helped veil the basic problems. You collect objects like octopus eyes and sea plants while sailing around. At a faction base, you can have these combined into items that make you turn invisible, or make your ship go faster, among other effects. The problem? You don't need that stuff: the action is far too easy for any of it to be useful. Not that "easy" is necessarily a dirty word when "entertainment" also comes along for the ride. But Pirates of Black Cove betrays its kooky character with mind-numbing action and too many bugs for a game with so little to it. Even if you absolutely must know how much it costs a pirate to get his ears pierced, you should chart a course away from this game.
The A.V. Club (Aug 08, 2011)
Pirates Of Black Cove is redeemed to some extent by a charming presentation that suggests it knows it’s a trifle, and its willingness to be a trifle with some relaxing, catchy music. But even that doesn’t work so well when it comes to the plot: The dialogue aims for funny, but rarely rises above cute, and that cuteness occasionally gets in the way of clarity. A set of launch-day bugs that cause crashes or make critical missions impossible doesn’t help matters, either. And the fairly linear plot isn’t supported by characterization; the story consists almost entirely of rumors of generic treasure that your character easily verifies. As with most of Pirates Of Black Cove, it’s not actively bad, just remarkably inessential.
PCActu (Oct 25, 2011)
Combats terrestres redondants et batailles navales mollassonnes… Pirates of Black Cove ne montre jamais ses côtés enjôleurs, si bien qu'une petite heure en sa compagnie risque de vous plonger en profonde dépression. De surcroît, ce soft peut dégouter les néophytes du STR et rien que pour ça, il est dangereux pour l'avenir du PC. Fuyez.
Calm Down Tom (Oct 24, 2011)
For me this game was awful and frustrating to play. I just didn’t get it, maybe I was missing something vital, but even if that was the case the game should have helped or pointed it out to me. I feel terrible but I have to give this a 2 out of 10. 1 for the music (the only real part i enjoyed) and 1 for the prettiness of the water. That’s it, that’s all the good I could find, I’m going to go walk the plank now…