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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
The Main Menu is a 3D scene, where the camera goes from one point to another depending on the selection.
Here you can change the audio and control options.
Audio and subtitles panel
In the game you need to complete several contextual actions, this time open a door.
Jack fighting with a guard.
A lot of elements in the scenario can be broken or used.
Getting the first map piece.
Things become harder inside the city walls.
You can take objects from the scene and use them against the enemies.
At any moment you can switch control between Jack and William.
The green chests contain health. You need to use them quite often.
To open this door you need to coordinate the control keys with the symbols on the screen.
In-game menu with the objectives of the level
A bullet give us a warmly welcome when entering the village.
William fighting two pirates at the same time.
Using the sword to break the platforms of the gunners.
The village is attacked by pirates. You need to fight your way out.
You need to rescue the English officer from the well.
You can use several objects to kill Jacoby, the first boss in the game.
Jack throwing a box at Jacoby.
Upgrades panel, here you can buy skills as you advance on the game.
Entering the governor`s mansion.
On the terrace you need to stop the pirate boats from using the cannons.
Elizabeth enters the scene.
Pirates attacking the mansion, you need to escape.
Elizabeth throwing axes at Pintel, another boss.
Every piece of the map found in the levels is stored in the box of the Main Menu scene.
Map of the completed levels, here you can select what to play.
You need to remember the symbols for each key control. During the game you need to press the keys in the correct sequence.