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Planescape: Torment Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
A clip from the opening movie. Who is this woman?..
Monsters in the intro movie. There is a great war going on...
Annah finds your body
Main menu
This is the Mortuary - the place where you start the game. You'll visit it again. Here, you talk to Dak'kon, who allows you to switch professions
Move quickly to places you've already visited by clicking on a location in your World Map.
Any map can have your own note added to it. A red post is automatic - a blue one is yours.
Inside the Journal, take a look at characters (NPCs and PCs) and read a bit about them.
Ice spell (and a little graphical glitch)
This inventory screen displays Nordom - a crazy robot-like creature, optional companion, and the game's only equivalent of an archer
Each major location comes with a short, yet impressive movie, setting the mood
This is the Hive of the town of Sigil, where much of the game takes place. Thugs roam the streets, characters talk to each other - it's life!..
This picture shows the advantages of working out. It also shows that someone has no life
One of the several nice-looking loading screens
Interior locations are detailed. This is just somebody's house - but one of the game's many side quests awaits you
Calling forth the radial menu (to the right) and admiring the central square of the Lower Ward of Sigil
The Nameless One can become a mage if he so wishes. This is his spell book, with Level 6 spells displayed
The game contains an insane amount of branching dialogue. Even shopkeepers talk with style, and you can chat with them about lots of things
Later in the game you'll travel to the scorched Outlands. Exotic creatures are around you. The cute little ones are called Lim-Lims; you can even have one as a pet!
One of the houses in the town of Curst - a minority location that is not in Sigil. Nice rug! You try to open another person's container
Traversing a desert and discovering a mysterious portal among skulls and skeletons - common imagery for this game
An outdoor "urban" battle against some invading demons in the small town of Carceri. Townspeople try to help you
Exploring one of the game's dungeons. Fearsome creatures attack you in narrow corridors
Yuck!.. At some point, you'll travel to the hellish realm of Baator - and this is just a sample of what you'll have to fight!
A major battle against shadows in an organic-looking, greenish, cursed realm
The Lost Nations dungeon. The party encounters an impressive reptile
You can only enter this mysterious abode by yourself. Throughout the game you'll have to discover your own identity...
The game contains a beautiful database with all the characters and monsters in them
A lively market in the Lower Ward of Sigil
You decide to forget your quest and just go shopping! It's a good thing you've removed the skull Morte from your party - I don't think he'd find anything suitable here...
Outdoor area in the Clerk Ward of Sigil - the game's most "fancy" location. Even prostitutes enjoy cool descriptions and dialogue in this game!
Vrischika's shop is full of cool optional stuff - and this list is just a part of it!
Yes, I have time and desire to go to an art gallery! What's wrong, commoner, do you have a problem with me or my companions?..
Speaking of prostitutes - I hope you understand that no screenshot gallery of this game is complete without Fall-from-Grace's magnificent Brothel for Slaking Intellectual Lusts!
Administration center in Clerk Ward - clearly higher standards of living!
Talking to your dead ex-girlfriend
At the local pub
That's a lot of rats
Facing the toughest enemy creature in the game... might take a while to kill it
The throne of the dead... looks empty, though
Asking Fall-from-Grace to be your companion
Nothing beats Morte's storytelling
Entering the secret group to see what they're up to
This is one of the powerful items randomly dropped by Greater Glabrezu, the most powerful (and occasionally respawning) non-"Boss" monster of the game
Among the game's optional locations is one you access by buying and using a certain item! Miss it and you'll miss an optional companion and his quest!
Celestial Host - one of the game's most powerful spells. The Gold Dragon is annoyed at being woken up from its nap
Now to mop up the stragglers with a "puny" Level 6 Chain Lightning while regeneration does its work