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Plants vs. Zombies Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Title screen
The lawn
The zombie horde
Collecting sun power.
Final wave
Zombie with a traffic cone protecting his head.
The cherry bomb explodes nearby zombies.
Plants vs. Zombies
Crazy Dave
The shovel digs out the plants.
Zombie bowling
The lawnmower runs over the zombies when they reach the other side.
Pole-vaulting zombies
The potato mine activates when a zombie steps on it.
Carnivorous plant
Zombie note
In this special stage, the seeds are dragged and dropped from the conveyor belt at the top of the screen.
In the night levels, only the sunflowers and mushrooms provide power.
This giant mushroom is the most effective against the screen door zombie.
The almanac shows details about the zombies and the plants.
Whack-a-zombie mini-game
Football zombie
The hypnotic mushroom makes one zombie turn back and attack the others.
Choosing the seeds for the next level.
The help screen, written by the always helpful zombies
Victory. Oh, how nice of the zombies.
Zombies on your lawn! The ending credits song, which will get stuck in your head.
Crazy Dave is teaching the zombies how to invade backyards.
Zen Garden - The player may have finished the game, but that does not mean the gardening has! Plants are randomly obtained when playing one of the three game modes. Happy plants drop money too!
Zen Garden - This garden is specifically designed from night plants and mushrooms. Although purchasing the garden is expensive, it will allow mushrooms to grow.
Zen Garden - This garden allows aquatic plants to grow. For some odd reason, they don't need to be watered either. :)
I'm using only Cabbage-Pults here. Peashooters don't work well unless you put them at the top of the roof.
Vasebreaker mode: Smash a vase to reveal a plant or a zombie.
Playing a Survival Endless game at the pool. You can change your plants after completing a flag.
It's survival time for the fog!