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Platypus Credits


Design, code graphics and soundAnthony Flack
Additional CodeMichael W. Boeh
ProducerGeorge Bray

Music Credits

Platypus Music supplied by
Option Screen Music: "Flash Gordon"Rob Hubbard, Alistair Bowness, Chris Abbott
Title Screen Music: "Wizball 2000"Martin Galway, Gareth Dolloway
Level Select Music: "Shadowfire"Fred Gray, Darren Izzard, Chris Abbott, Alistair Bowness
Level 1 Music: "Cosmic Bakery"Martin Galway, Tomas Danko
Level 2 Music: "Sanxion Loading Theme"Rob Hubbard, Chris Abbott
Level 3 Music: "Ocean Loader 4"Jonathan Dunn, Alistair Bowness
Level 4 Music "Driller"Matt Gray, Darren Izzard
Level Boss Music 1, excerpt from "Trap"Ben Daglish, Chris Abbott, Alistair Bowness, Jason MacKenzie
Level Boss Music 2: "Armalyte"Martin Walker, Fabian Del Priore, Thomas Böcker, Phil Reifke

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (233121)