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Play & Learn: Reading and Counting Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The product runs directly from the CD in full screen mode. All the game's activities will run in this central window filling the surrounding screen with white space
The game's main menu. The screen resolution has been lowered to avoid the white space shown in the first screenshot
Shapes The first puzzle involves dragging basic shapes across to the appropriate 'holes' over on the right
Shapes Later puzzles in this series are more difficult. With these triangles, for example, the orientation of the shape is important
More Shapes This is the first puzzle and it looks fairly easy There are two wheels to position but they occupy the same space on screen
More Shapes The later puzzles in this series are more complex. When completed the butterfly flaps its wings
Sounds Each coloured button plays a sound effect. The player drags the sound effect button to the 'hole' beneath the farmyard animal.
Pairs This starts with the relatively easy task of matching paint brushes to paint pots
Pairs Later puzzles in the series become more difficult. Egg could match to spoon or frying pan Toboggan matches to snowman but would a young child know this?
Mix & Match This starts off easily with two halves of different vehicles to put together
Mix & match Later puzzles in the series involve more pieces
Numbers The object is to drag the right number to the 'hole' beneath each picture
Numbers Later puzzles in the series involve bigger numbers or optical trickery such as hiding these three butterflies
Letters The object is to drag the right vowel button to the gap in each word
Mazes The object in these puzzles is to find the route through the maze
Puzzles These range from simple six piece puzzles to twelve piece puzzles
Puzzles As the player progresses through the series they will face puzzles which use more pieces
More Games This is an example of that old favourite Concentration. This game can be replayed as the pieces are shuffled for each game
More Games Not all the games in this section are for older children, this is a simple 'assemble a rocket to see the animation' game
More Games This is a colouring game that uses 'stamps' rather than brushes. There's no save or print option though
Morte Games Catch the thief is a variant of 'Whac-a-mole'. When the thief appears the player clicks on him and a police van turns up to tae him away
More Games The telephone game. The player is shown a number and which they enter via the telephone keypad. When I played it I got put on hold so it's good practice for later life
More Games This is good, old fashioned, tic-tac-toe and it's very hard to beat or even draw with, the game always plays first
More Games This is a variant of Connect Four
More Games "Arranging the Doughnuts" is a puzzle in the same style as 'Towers of Hanoi'