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Electric Playground (Mar 29, 2001)
If you know me, you know that I tend to go easy on these casual titles. (I actually kinda enjoy the Carnivores games. Now how patient is that?) Believe me, the people who make these things have no illusions about putting the Raven Software guys out on the street with their games. But it's hard to see this game having any real lasting appeal. Sniping is fun for awhile, but once that's done there's really no other place to go. I could see it used in conjunction with SWAT 3 or another realism shooter. Maybe you could go through a character generation sequence, and how you perform in the qualifying stage affects your character's abilities in the mission campaign. But as it lies now, the game really feels like the tutorial mode of a game...except there's no other game. If puncturing cardboard targets turns you on, be my guest. But there are meatier titles available in Wizard Works' library.
Overall, Police: Tactical Training is a decent shooter that doesn't distinguish itself from many of the others in the genre. The user interface could be much better and the number of training scenarios should have been greatly increased. A few more months in development might have increased its worth but, as it is, there are better first-person shooters on the market.
GameStar (Germany) (May, 2001)
Die hässliche 3D-Grafik ruckelt und lässt es an Details mangeln; eine träge Steuerung vermiest den Spielspaß vollends. Positiv sind die Sprachausgabe (englisch) und das automatische Speichern der Fortschritte zu vermerken.
PC Gamer (2001)
At odds with the sub-standard gameplay are lovingly polished visuals. Slick cartoon characters and clean texture-mapping put Police Tactical Training a notch above typical budget dreck. During the rare moments when rough-voiced instructors stop shouting deprecating taunts, you can enjoy pleasing sound effects and musical interludes as well. Nevertheless, this game will probably only satisfy the apathetic security guards it’s geared toward. If real law enforcement training is this tedious, it’s no wonder police brutality is on the rise.