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Politsia (I Done & II Done) Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title and Main Menu (in Georgian)
Options (in Georgian)
TV shows the ending of assault on Vital Bank (in Georgian)
Irakli and Maya in office of Criminal Police Department, Tbilisi (in Georgian)
Maya is ready to ask the Chief
Maya is thinking. Dossier of Tina Shilova is near. The time is almost 01:50 P.M.
Chief shows the dossier of Vitaliy Gromov
One of Loading Screens
Entering the hotel
Talking with receptionist
Waiting for lift
Entering Vitaliy Gromov's apartment
Vitaliy welcomes you
Irakli is serious
Selecting the question to ask (in Georgian)
Irakli draws his gun
Three guns are aimed
Hands against guns
Near the lift
Shooting from the corner
Getting the assault rifle from dead bandit
Under the glass roof
In video control room
Aiming and shooting
Irakli may die
Irakli is ready to save Maya and witness
Shooting the heads
In interrogation room with saved witness
Maya is asking a girl while Irakli is waiting near the car
Showing the picture of Tina Shilova
Talking with housewife
Asking the cardplayers
At the construction yard
Near cafe
Asking a worker
Examining poster and graffiti (in Georgian)
Visiting a flat
Tina Shilova was found
Thinking about next actions