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Politsia Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title and Main Menu (in Georgian)
Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia presents (in Georgian)
Loading Screen (in Georgian)
Police 'Skoda' is waiting on a quiet street (introduction)
Policemen are starting their duties in the morning (introduction)
Protagonist's fellow is talking to him (introduction)
Police car is driving on a call (introduction)
The location, where policemen were called to (introduction)
Protagonist is exiting from a car (introduction)
Policemen are meeting with each other (introduction)
Policemen are discussing why they are here (introduction)
Bandits are ready to start an assault (introduction)
Policemen are shooting at the bandits (introduction)
Bandits are shooting at policemen (introduction)
Policewoman is taking a cover (introduction)
Protagonist is shooting bravely (introduction)
Taking advice on what to do next (introduction)
Finding a hatch in the wall (introduction)
Protagonist is climbing a hatch. Policewoman will stay outside for a certain reason. (introduction)
Encountering the bandits, while trying to exit the restroom (in Georgian)
Aiming the bandits with pistol (in Georgian)
Another bandit is trying to shoot you while you are on the ladder (in Georgian)
Killing the aimed bandit with AKM (in Georgian)
Shooting the bandit in the neck. Do you see that it is only 10:10:35 A.M. o'clock? (in Georgian)
At the Vital Bank reception (in Georgian)
Examining the white board with shotgun (in Georgian)
Examining the hostages in bank
Trying to help the victim
At the parking lot (in Georgian)
Entering the lift (in Georgian)
Reloading the assault rifle (in Georgian)
Finding hostages in construction yard
Special Forces has arrived
The rest of bandits were arrested
Helping a hostage
Supporting fellow
Thinking about this job
Visiting shooting range (in Georgian)
Studying the tool (in Russian)
Eliminating cardboard dummies (in Georgian)