Postal²: Complete Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

You can now change settings before launching the game.
The main menu features a new background.
A revised "How to Play" screen.
The new loading screen.
The map now centers on a widescreen monitor.
You can now see through windows.
An optional in-game achievement system.
The "Achievements" menu.
I don't recall this being in the original game.
Another new melee weapon - the bali.
Many bystanders now wear various accessories like glasses, handbags, earrings and so forth.
A new model for the police car.
What's Ethan doing in Postal 2?
The shears.
Reloading the Glock.
A lighter and some deodorant are enough to cause mayhem.
A game like Postal would not be complete without a baseball bat.
A bloody axe.
Blowing up the dancers with dynamite.
The sawed-off shotgun is so powerful that it always gibs enemies at close range.
More flying gibs.
A submachine gun has also been added to the game.
The Krotchy grenade works almost like a regular grenade.
Nice hat.
Launching a grenade at a cop.
The gruesome aftermath of a chainsaw massacre.
This mini-nuke launcher is the most powerful weapon in the game.
Nice hairdo.
Revised credits.