Postal Credits (Windows)

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Postal Credits

RipCord Games

ProducerGrant Collier
Head of Quality AssuranceJames Jennings
Quality AssuranceDavid Conlee
TestingAbsolute Quality Inc., ST Labs
Ripcord Animationcobra sessions
Special ThanksYoshi Terada, John Peterson, Shelley Kent, Nathan Wright, Timothy Moore, Lou Viveros, Sangita Verma, Mark Shander, Eric Johnsen, Brad Brown, all the hard workers at Running With Scissors

Running With Scissors

Executive ProducerVince Desi
Project DirectorMichael J. Riedel
Art DirectorRandy Briley
Level DesignSteve Wik
Postal ProgrammersBill Harman, Jonathan Isabelle
Visual Effects ProgrammingJeff Diamond
Associate ProducerAmy Searcy
3D EngineJeff Diamond
Blitters and Alpha EffectsJeff Diamond
Character Logic, Navagation and WeaponsBill Harman
Player LogicJonathan Isabelle
Particle EffectsJonathan Isabelle
User InterfaceJonathan Isabelle
Shell, Networking and Mac versionMichael J. Riedel
RSPiX Library ProgrammingJeff Diamond, Bill Harman, Jonathan Isabelle, Michael J. Riedel
Additional ProgrammingPaul Lin, Andy Muir
3D AnimationRandy Briley
2D AnimationSteve Wik
Background Design and LayoutSteve Wik
Background ArtRandy Briley
Cutscene DesignRandy Briley
Cutscene ArtRandy Briley
Additional ArtJared Binder, Steve Macomber, Steve Wik
Game DesignRandy Briley, Jeff Diamond, Bill Harman, Jonathan Isabelle, Michael J. Riedel, Steve Wik
StoryMichael J. Riedel, Steve Wik, The Pain Killer
Cutscene TextVince Desi, Steve Wik, The Pain Killer
MusicChristian A. Salyer
Ambient Sound DesignChristian A. Salyer
Voice TalentAndrea Barrett, John Barrow, Randy Briley, Jeff Diamond, Vince Desi, Bill Harman, Rick Hunter, Caryn Isabelle, Douglas M. Levy, Paul Lin, Verne Love, Celina Martinez, Kim-Loan Nguyen, Michael J. Riedel, Scott Riedle, Tina Naughton, Ruben Raminez, Paul Roque, Amy Searcy, Debbie Tasler, Steve Wik,

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (214702)