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Postal² Credits

108 people (33 developers, 75 thanks)

Running With Scissors Team

Executive ProducerVince Desi
ProducerMichael J. Riedel
Game ConceptMichael J. Riedel
DesignMichael J. Riedel, Nathan Fouts
ProgrammingMichael J. Riedel
CinematicsMichael J. Riedel, Bryan Dillow, Timothy Kuder, Chris Kellerman
Design LeadSteve Wik
Level DesignSteve Wik, Bryan Dillow
TexturesSteve Wik, Bryan Dillow, Timothy Kuder
Dialogue ScriptSteve Wik
Print ArtSteve Wik
AI & FX ProgrammingNathan Fouts
Object ModelsBryan Dillow, Josh Leichliter, Timothy Kuder
Texture LeadJosh Leichliter
Character ModelsJosh Leichliter
Animation LeadGeoff Neale
Game VideosGeoff Neale
MarketingMike Jaret-Schachter, Phil Murphy
TestingMike Jaret-Schachter, Marc Rousere, Vince Desi, Brady Johnson, Jesse Brett, Chris Peters
Weapons ConsultantPhil Murphy
ArmororPhil Murphy
WebmasterChris Kellerman
Additional ProgrammingJonathan Isabelle
Additional ModelingDJ Cassel, Dawn Mostow, Ben Shore
AudioSndElement, Christian A. Salyer, Eric Klein
Manual WritersEmily Brower, Jessica Riedel
Print/Marketing ArtChris Bauman, Bryan Bozzi

Motion Picture Talent

Motion Picture TalentGary Coleman, Kimberly Key, James Reeves

Voice Talent

Voice TalentRick Hunter (The Postal Dude), Marcus Davis (Male Voice and Krotchy), Stacie Treumann (Female Voice), Timothy Kuder (Habib and Rednecks), Victoria Bell (Postal Dude's Bitch), Vince Desi (as himself), Gary Coleman (as himself)

Special Guest

Voice TalentGary Coleman (as himself)

Special Thanks

Special Thanks toChis, Peter, Steve, Tom, Jarrod Phillips, Humphrey Olivieri (House of Moves), Dan Offner, Dave Anderson, Fred Heslop, James Cato, Seth Model, Bill Kunkel, Mark Shander, Lee Roth, Keith Galocy, Jeff Royle, Robert Kirschenbaum (Paligrap), XGR, Marcus, Nando, Mike, Andy, Darrel, Andy[Ph8), Kent, Everyone on the message board, Everyone we owe money to
Mike Thanks toJessica, Michelle, Nicole, Judith, Mom, Dad, Everyone on the team for their extaordinary efforts
Vince Thanks toMy mother Johanna who died on August 4 2002[for without her i would never had the strength to be who i am, Vinny, Michael, Fred, Aaron, Lisa[the woman of my life who like nobody else does it for me]
Geoff ThanksMeg[for everythingand being a bigger dork than myself], Mom, Dad, Carrie[for letting me live past age 7], Tony, Rhonda, Ro, KJ[for all their support], RWS team PEEP GAME!!, Nathan's huge brain, Dr. Bob, Clint
Nathan ThanksAmy[for being so supportive during the whole project], Mom, Dad[for not bothering me too much about the game's content]
Mike J ThanksTriss, Mathieu Bélanger, Aaron Osterwyk (MVK), John Clark, Tim Chaisson, Big Mike Wilhelms, John G, The guys from Bionic Jive, Henric Swahn, Ryan Mckenzie, Brian Goldsmith
Steve want to give extra special thanks toMy crotch fan[Because man; it's a crotch fan]
Bryan would like to thankMom, Dad[who are always there when you need them], Everyone who has encouraged me to make maps
Josh ThanksKristine, Significant other and bearer of the Hellspawn, July Flaudwright, Justin Hill, Mom, Jana, Ariana, Bailey, Ashlyn, RWS[for the good times and cynical comedy]

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Nathan Fouts, 19 other games
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Christian A. Salyer, 12 other games
Bryan Dillow, 9 other games
Vince Desi, 9 other games
DJ Cassel, 8 other games
Steve Wik, 7 other games
Henric Swahn, 7 other games
Humphrey Olivieri, 6 other games
John Clark, 5 other games
Dan Offner, 5 other games
Robert Kirschenbaum, 5 other games
Marcus Davis, 4 other games
Rick Hunter, 4 other games
Gary Coleman, 4 other games
Jonathan Isabelle, 3 other games
Mark Shander, 3 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by JPaterson (9534) and formercontrib (158484)